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Tatiana Bondarenko

Tatiana Bondarenko

Business Development Team Lead at Skywell Software

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Have you noticed how many 3D images and models are around? Advertising in stores, on digital screens, on the Internet, even Facebook has already added the ability to create 3D photos. Two-dimensional images do not cause such strong emotions, which are crucial in making purchasing decisions among consumers. And if we are talking about advertising – using cutting-edge technology is the only way to drag their attention.

My name is Tatiana, and I’m representing Skywell Software 3D modeling & 3D scanning company (Kyiv, Ukraine). I offer you an opportunity to transfer the usual advertising to a new 3-dimensional level.

If user-company clients are searching for out-of-the-box ad solution – our company can help you by using 3D modeling or scanning experience.

Schedule a brief Skype call, so we could discuss our strategy to outshine your client’s competitors with using 3D technology.

The Use of 3D Modeling/Scanning Services in Footwear Industry

Here is an example of our 3D solution for an agency who was creating an ad for a famous footwear brand. You can see how 3D modeling/scanning technology can help your customers get user acceptance and broad social publicity. And this is just one of the easiest ways to apply technology. Its possibilities are endless!

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Let's discuss how 3D can help in your particular case?

Let's discuss how 3D can help in your particular case?

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