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Tatiana Bondarenko

Tatiana Bondarenko

Chief Business Development Officer

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My name is Tatiana, and I represent Skywell Software, a company that creates innovative solutions for companies like #company_name#undefined_company.  

In the entertainment industry, the most important are people’s emotions. And the more bright and unforgettable experience you provide, the more chances that clients will remember you and return for a new portion of emotions. We are willing to help you captivate and surprise your customers with the immersive technologies – Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

Augmented and Virtual Reality can be useful in various sectors of the entertainment world – for example, you can create an AR character to host an event where he will be chatting and interacting with visitors, or you can offer customers a unique VR experience to showcase fashion clothes collections like we did for the Fashion Week, or any 3D objects creation for an entertainment purpose. 

Virtual Reality Solution for Fashion Week Event

Here is our VR solution for one of the most popular events in the fashion world – the Fashion Week, which was held in New York and Tokyo. We transferred the fashion to the virtual dimension, giving designers an opportunity to showcase their clothes in a new form.

We have experience and ideas on how to transform the entertainment industry with the latest technology. So how about scheduling a Skype call to dive into details of your project?

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3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality Use Cases

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Let's discuss how AR/VR/3D can work in your particular case?

Let's discuss how AR/VR/3D can work in your particular case?

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