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Elena Vasylenko

Elena Vasylenko

Business Development Manager at Skywell Software

Hi there!

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing and complex industries in the modern world. Clients’ needs for quality, plot, and realism of games are constantly growing, and not every company can keep up with its users and competitors, using traditional best practices and approaches. 

If this is familiar to you and your company, then let me introduce you an innovative solution – AR/VR technologies and 3D modeling services 

My name is Elena, and I represent Skywell Software, a company that develops AR/VR solutions and 3D models for the business of the gaming industry. 

I offer you the opportunity to surpass competitors and become famous throughout the game world thanks to the creation of a unique AR/VR game that will not leave anyone indifferent – neither players nor competitors! Our department for the development of augmented and virtual reality has a wealth of experience in creating complete technological solutions and individual parts of the project. 

3D Animation for Gaming Industry

Here is a short video presentation of our recent 3D solutions for the kids’ game. We combined a creative approach with innovative technologies to create the most realistic character for small customers.

Schedule a Skype call with me, and let's discuss how our company can help you! 

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Let's discuss how AR/VR/3D can help in your particular case?

Let's discuss how AR/VR/3D can help in your particular case?

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