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Elena Vasylenko

Elena Vasylenko

Business Development Manager

Hi user-name!

I’m Elena from Skywell Software Augmented & Virtual Reality development company (Kyiv, Ukraine). We have vast experience in creating Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for аgencies like user-company and developed AR/VR solutions for such brands as Cosmia (Auchan cosmetics brand), Finlandia Vodka, Ecotoki, Ukrainian Fashion Week and others, and we’re here to create innovative solution that will bring fantastic impressions to your clients and their customers:

For retailers – customer loyalty and online popularity (imagine a huge number of photos of people trying on your client’s AR outfits);

For the food and beverage industry – users’ awareness of the product, its composition, value, and method of preparation (people are more willing to buy and consume products that do not hide their origin but reveal the best qualities and useful properties, and the AR application can play into your hands).

Augmented and Virtual Reality is the key to the success of any campaign and brand, and using these technologies in advertising – it’s a solution that simply cannot go unnoticed – neither by consumers nor by competitors. Time does not stand still – therefore use AR/VR technology for your benefit and profit!


I propose you to schedule a 30 minutes Skype call to discuss the ways we could help you to create an unprecedented advertisement with these cutting edge technologies. What would you say? Are you ready for a breakthrough?

The Use of Augmented Reality in Beauty Industry

Here is a short video review of our AR solutions for the Cosmia cosmetic brand. We combined a creative approach with innovative technologies to create the most useful product for users.

This AR app was created for Auchan’s cosmetic brand – Cosmia, and it’s a great example of how Augmented Reality technology can benefit beauty industry. Let's create something outstanding for the customers of yours!

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Let's discuss how AR/VR can help in your particular case?

Let's discuss how AR/VR can help in your particular case?

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