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    10 Industries Transformed by 3D Modeling – Examples & Benefits

    10 Industries Transformed by 3D Modeling – Examples & Benefits

    Tracy Watson


    10 min read

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    When we look at the impact of 3D modeling, it is now used in pretty much every industry. Even organizations like the Smithsonian Institution have used 3D modeling to create the first-ever 3D portrait of a US president. Since 3D modeling has become so widely used, we decided to tell you about ten industries that have felt the impact of 3D modeling, but first, let’s get a definition of 3D modeling so we are all on the same page. 

    What is 3D Modeling? 

    3D modeling is the process of using software to create a mathematical representation of a three-dimensional object or shape. The created object is called a 3D model, and such 3D models are used in various industries. There are also different types of 3D modeling that you can use depending on the project and your requirements. Now that we know what 3D modeling is, let’s take a look at the industries that use 3D modeling. 

    3D Modeling Use Cases in Different Industries

    1. 3D Modeling in the Film Industry

    When we think about all of the special effects in movies, we often wonder how they are able to create such stunning effects. The secret is the 3D modeling technology. For example, if we think back to the first Harry Potter movie where he played quidditch, and he is chasing the snitch all over the school campus, all of those buildings were created with 3D modeling by taking a highly detailed scan of a scale model. The full 3D model was then rendered in a fully animated 3D scene as Harry and his friends fly around the buildings.

    3d in film industry

    There are many film industry 3D modeling software to choose from. For example, Disney uses Autodesk Maya for modeling and rigging. Pixar created its own 3D modeling software called Renderman. 

    2. 3D Modeling in the Automotive Industry 

    3D modeling has helped the automotive industry in terms of saving time and money in producing vehicle parts. The 3D modeling software also helps significantly simplify the assembly of the vehicles since this process occurs only after the parts have been created. CAD tools like Caelum and AutoCAD MEIP are key in helping car manufacturers get the most value out of 3D modeling.

    virtual and augmented reality car showroom

    3. 3D Modeling in the Retail Industry

    When we think about the virtual catalogs used by some of the world’s leading retailers, this is all made possible by 3D modeling. For example, when a person shops at IKEA and wants to see how a particular item will look in their living room, all of these items need to look realistic. This is why retailer solutions need to create 3D models of each item and then use various AR tools to superimpose them on top of the physical world. 

    Another interesting use case is to use 3D modeling to help promote the sale of retail products. Skywell Software recently worked on an interesting web AR project involving Barni chocolate biscuits where the parent company, Mondelēz International, decided to use 3D modeled dinosaurs that come alive with the help of AR. People could collect dinosaur cards, take pictures with them and share them with their friends. This helped Mondelēz International increase the sales of Barni biscuits in six countries. 

    what is retailing marketing

    4. 3D Modeling in the Architecture Industry

    Architecture is one of the industries with a need for 3D modeling. Before 3D modeling came along, architects depended on 2D drawing to show their vision for a new building. Nowadays, they can use 3D modeling to not only create a visual representation of their vision but also show it to other stakeholders from virtually any angle. 3D modeling services can also offer investors to take a virtual tour inside the design as well. 

    architectural rendering

    5. 3D Modeling in the Gaming Industry

    When we think about all of the elements that need to be created to make a video game compelling, we can see the big role played by 3D modeling. For example, the virtual world where the game takes place needs to be created, and there are tools like PhotoModeler that can transform photos into 3D models. The same is true with getting the size of the objects in the virtual world exactly right. It would be very difficult to do all of these things without 3D modeling. 

    augmented reality game-based loyalty program for retailers Wizzzi

    6. 3D Modeling in the Manufacturing Industry

    3D modeling has significantly expedited the manufacturing process allowing companies to create 3D models of the object to improve the overall designs. However, the benefits do not stop there. Thanks to 3D printing, you can not only create a 3D model but also actually print out some of the parts needed for construction, thus replacing traditional manufacturing and the assembly line. 

    mixed reality technology uses for manufacturing

    7. 3D Modeling in the Publishing Industry

    Publishing is not an area we think about where 3D modeling can be used. However, textbook publishers can use 3D modeling to better visualize terrain that cannot be easily accessed and also wildlife preserves that governments protect. Publishers that produce fiction books can use 3D modeling to depict things with almost life-like imagery. 

    8. 3D Modeling in the Marketing and Advertising Industry

    When companies are promoting a new product, they will need to hire a photographer to take pictures that will later be used in the advertisements. 3D modeling can eliminate the need for such a photoshoot and can also allow companies to create an image of the item before it has been created. This allows them to start promoting the item a lot earlier. 

    9. 3D Modeling in the Sciences and Geology

    When scientists study things like earthquakes or landforms, it really helps to use 3D modeling to simulate the movements of the earth. This is very effective when studying all of the flight patterns and the various effects of the stresses. 

    10. 3D Modeling in the Healthcare Industry

    3D modeling plays a big role in the healthcare industry by modeling and printing things like prosthetics, arch support, and many other things. For example, instead of making multiple trips to the dentist for a crown, they can take an X-ray of the damaged tooth and feed it into a 3D CAD software which will then simply print out the crown. 

    future of augmented reality in healthcare

    The Future of the 3D Modeling Industry Looks Bright

    When we look at all of the various uses for 3D modeling, we see all of the benefits it offers and the many use cases. However, in order to realize all of these benefits you need to partner with a trusted service provider. Skywell Software has extensive expertise in 3D modeling and can create the software you need to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 

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