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    The Exciting Applications of AR and VR in Automotive

    The Exciting Applications of AR and VR in Automotive

    Tracy Watson


    7 min read

    virtual reality car simulator

    When shopping around for new cars to buy, you are often presented with seemingly endless possibilities in terms of brands, models, and customizations. It is also a time-consuming process since you need to look for a wide variety of options and, even who does find a car you like, you still can’t really get a feel for it from print or online advertising. Virtual and augmented reality car shopping can help customers overcome their doubts about vehicles and provide them with more confidence that they are getting exactly what they want. Let’s take a closer look at shopping for cars in virtual reality as well as some of the other applications of augmented reality for cars. 

    Virtual Reality in Test Driving Cars

    Before deciding to purchase a car, the customer will usually want to take a test drive to get a taste of the driving experience. This usually means making a trip to the dealership, which is time-consuming, and even after the test drive, you may not like the performance of the car. Virtual reality can save you a lot of time by allowing you to test drive the car in the comfort of your own home. This is a completely realistic, life-like experience that will make you feel like you are actually driving down a road or highway, and you could also experience some of the features the car has to offer. 

    Now, let’s say that you like how the car performs, but you would like to make changes to the exterior or the interior to fit your style better. Virtual reality custom car design can help you here since it will visualize all of the futures you would like to implement. This technology can also be useful for engineers who are creating vehicle prototypes. This process requires getting the measurements and many other details exactly right, and VR can help them better understand how all of the vehicle parts fit together. Speaking of car driving virtual reality, let’s explore the exciting world of racing next. 

    virtual reality in test driving cars

    Virtual Reality Car Racing 

    The world of VR automotive is very diverse and includes car racing as well. Many people had a dream to become a professional NASCAR driver and even enjoyed some of the popular video games. However, a VR car simulator can open up a whole new world of experiences for you. You can create custom virtual reality solutions that will allow people to race their friends in the Daytona 500 or any other event and immerse themselves in action to feel what it’s like for yourself. Professional drivers can benefit from a virtual reality car simulator since they can put in the necessary practice hours they need without risking any injuries to themselves or damage to the car. They can also practice wherever they may be since there is no need to actually come to the race track. 

    Augmented Reality Car Showroom

    In the very beginning, we talked about car shopping and what a hassle it can be, but it is also costly to open up a car dealership. You have to pay the rent for space, buy furniture, hire employees and lots of other overhead costs. What if there was some way to get around some of these expenses? Automotive augmented reality makes this possible. By using AR, you can rent out a smaller location since the cars can be viewed in AR, and you can also hire fewer people since the AR intensifies the customer experience. When you invest in automotive augmented reality, you are getting a high return on the money you spend since you are offering better customer experiences while lowering your operating costs. 

    In addition to selling cars, dealerships often have to fix cars as well, and augmented reality automotive maintenance can help them in this regard. The AR can show mechanics, steps, and sequences for a quick and error-free repair. It can also help the customer understand what’s wrong with the vehicle by visualizing the car parts and showing them the issue affecting the engine. 

    virtual and augmented reality car showroom

    Skywell Software Can Create the Custom AR and VR Solutions You Automotive Need

    We mentioned a lot of applications of virtual and augmented reality in cars, and if you would like to realize all of the benefits these technologies have to offer, you will need to partner with a company that has extensive experience in these areas. Skywell Software offers comprehensive virtual and augmented reality development services to help you reach your business objectives. We have worked with some of the leading companies in their respective industries to get the most value out of their AR and VR investments. 

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