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    AR Packaging: Benefits of Technology for Food and Beverage Industry

    AR Packaging: Benefits of Technology for Food and Beverage Industry

    Ilya Dudkin


    6 min read

    AR packaging

    Augmented reality marketing can appear in many different forms and can even be applied to the one thing we all love: food! Marketers are constantly looking for new ways to reach their customers and are incorporating AR into food packaging to connect with their customers through smartphones and other devices. Augmented reality advertising allows companies to take something as bland as food packaging and turn into an interactive experience.

    Augmented reality in retail gives businesses the boost they need for their products to stand out on the market and has allowed many brands to transform their marketing strategy in order to occupy a specific niche in the industry.

    AR VR banner

    The Benefits of Augmented Reality for Business

    AR opens the door for many business benefits which include building a relationship with customers. Companies can now print AR labels in various verticals thus offering a better user experience. This leads to more satisfied user expectations which in turn will lead to brand loyalty. Effectively what the augmented reality packaging does is that it gives the customers a platform to interact with the product. This way, when a customer is deciding between all the various cereals’ options, for example, they will remember the pleasant interactions they had with the brand and will keep coming back again and again.

    It also allows brands to increase the effectiveness of their targeting efforts. Brands usually have a wide variety of products each geared to a particular segment of the audience. By utilizing AR, they can better cater to this audience segment and provide a more customized user experience. Bets of all, developing augmented reality software for business is easy since any label can be slightly augmented to redirect users to see any content that you would like them to see.

    Augmented Reality Packaging

    As far as the benefits for the shoppers, augmented reality in food and beverage industry can give them a lot of information about the product such as country of origin, nutrition information and even more technical details such as test results and certificates. The best AR brands can even be more creative and show pictures of the farm or factory where the product was made. Thanks to AR technology, all this information would be available in a moment’s notice and can lead to better shopping decisions.

    Another advantage of the shopper is product visualization. Instead of listing possible recipes that product can use for, you can actually demonstrate it to the user thanks to AR.

    Take Your Label to the Next Level

    Even the label is relatively large on your product, you still have finite space to work with. You still need to place all of the information about the product that the government requires on the label and find additional space which you can use to share information with customers. Thanks to AR, you can place a small QR code on your label, you can maximize the space you have which allows you to expand your reach and increase the effectiveness of the packaging design. This can be especially useful for designers since this offers them a blank canvas to work with, beyond the physical object, and come up with all kinds of cool ways to deliver information to the users. Skywell Software team used technology such as depth mask, motion graphics, 3D tracking, and motion capture to create labels that really resonate with the users.

    While interactive soda bottles may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, augmented reality drink and food products are already here, and many businesses have already started harnessing this technology to provide users with an experience that static images simply cannot offer. Therefore, be more efficient with your packaging and incorporate it into the customer experience when working on your future marketing plans.

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