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    AR/VR Benefits and Use Cases in Footwear Industry

    AR/VR Benefits and Use Cases in Footwear Industry

    Tracy Watson


    8 min read

    ar vr shoes

    AR/VR Shoes are a Win-Win for Both Consumers and Retailers

    With more and more customers preferring to shop from home, retailers are finding new and creative ways of attracting consumers’ attention and making some of the in-store experiences available online. This is particularly important when shopping for personal items such as footwear. Even though you may know your shoe size, how do you know if a particular pair of shoes will be a good fit? This is where virtual and augmented reality can be of great assistance to retailers and consumers, allowing them a virtual try-on of the shoes they would like to buy. Let’s take a close look at this technology and learn about all of the benefits it offers. 

    How Does It All Work? 

    A virtual shoe designer will create a 3D model of all the shoes in stock to give the customer a complete understanding of the item. Such 3d modeling and scanning for the footwear industry is a significant upgrade over traditional 2D images since it was impossible to view the shoes from all possible angles. All of these images would be loaded into a 3D virtual try-on app where the customer can try on the shoes in AR. Imagine the convenience of such technology that can offer online shoppers. First of all, they will be hesitant to purchase in fear or buyer’s remorse. They are afraid that they will spend the money, wait for the shoes to arrive, try them on only to find out that they do not fit and have to go through all of the hassles of making the return. To top it all off, they might not even be able to get a refund. The virtual shoe sizer, VR foot tracking, and all of the other features help eliminate such fears, get the customer off the fence and go through with the purchase. 

    3D modeling solution for Footwear Industry

    Additional Benefits for the Consumer 

    Since many shoppers are still hesitant to make the trip to a physical store location to try on the shoes in real life due to ongoing fears of contracting COVID-19, augmented reality footwear is a great alternative. You can shop from the convenience of your own home, and you will have access to a much larger variety of shoes than any brick and mortar store can offer since you can shop online and buy from any store in the world. If you would like to see how a particular pair of shoes would look on you, all you have to do is point your smartphone camera at your feet, and the AR shoes will appear on the screen. The app will also create virtual reality feet models to make sure the model is a good fit. Keep in mind that the same technology allows for virtual clothing to try on, so you are not limited to just footwear. 

    We also need to remember that consumers tend to pick out shoes that go with other items in their wardrobe. When they go to a physical store to try on the shoes, they can only see how the shoes will match the particular clothes they have on at the moment. However, augmented reality opens up a world of possibilities of mixing and matching shoes and outfits to see whether or not the shoes fit your style. By offering your customers such conveniences, you can significantly increase your conversion rates. 

    virtual clothing try on

    Benefits for Retailers 

    Augmented reality for business allows retailers to expand their customer base and market their products to people beyond their local geographic region. Since specific shoe models will be popular in individual countries, you can fine-tune your market strategy to target particular markets. For example, if specific boots are popular in China, you can create virtual reality boots on your website, allowing shoppers in that country to try them on as if they were actually in your store. 

    This technology can be incredibly helpful if you are trying to target millennials or Generation Z shoppers. They expect personalized solutions and experiences that other brands cannot provide, and AR can help your business stand out from the crowded playing field. Since such shoppers are very tech-savvy, they are looking for additional ways to incorporate technology, and AR shoe shopping is an interesting and interactive way of enhancing their experience. All of this will lead to higher conversion rates since the consumers will be more informed about the product. You will also reduce the number of returns because the AR technology allows for a high level of precision when creating individual VR feet models and shoes. 

    try-on shoes in augmented reality

    Start Enjoying All of These Benefits Today

    As we have seen from the information presented above, giving your customers the ability to virtually try on shoes is a win-win for everybody. This is a new and immersive way of marketing your products to your target audience and unlocking new revenue streams. Shoppers are looking to augment the usual shoe shopping experience, and they are sure to appreciate the comfort, convenience, and personalization that an AR app can offer. 

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