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    Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence – Which One You’d Prefer to Hire

    Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence – Which One You’d Prefer to Hire

    Tracy Watson


    8 min read

    artificial intelligence vs human intelligence

    There are many ways to define intelligence, and things get even more complicated when machines are involved. Furthermore, things get even trickier when we need to measure intelligence. With humans, this is usually done with tests, but with computers, it is not so simple. We all remember “The Matrix,” where the main character “Neo” needed to learn how to fly a helicopter at a moment’s notice, and that’s exactly what happened thanks to the programming that was available. In real life, this is really not the way artificial intelligence works.

    Given the development of AI technology, an increasing amount of businesses across industries are looking to replace human workers. With all of this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the difference between artificial intelligence and human intelligence, starting with a definition of each.

    What is Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is studying an artificially created, intelligent agent, or a machine to use the colloquial term. Such machines have the ability to learn about the world that surrounds them and take actions that will have the best chances of achieving success. Research into AI involves using a lot of tools from other sciences such as psychology, linguistics, computer science, and many others. It also overlaps with other fields of study, such as facial recognition, robotics, data mining, and others. As we can see, AI is a very broad term. Now, let’s take a look at human intelligence.

    What is Artificial Intelligence

    What is Human Intelligence?

    Human intelligence involves a person’s mind to learn from his or her previous experiences. This could be their education, work experiences, or simply a situation that they found themselves in and have learned something from it. Most importantly, there are many types of information a human mind can provide. For example, a person can talk about an observation during a trip abroad or on their daily morning commute to work and give some valuable insight into their field of study or expertise. Now that we have an understanding of both intelligence types, let’s compare AI vs. human intelligence to see if we can spot some interesting differences.

    Human vs. Machines

    There are some areas where human intelligence has the advantage over machines. For example, let’s take a look at multi-tasking. A person can work on many different tasks at the same time, while it would take a long time for a machine to do something like this. Another important area where people have the advantage is in decision making. In fact, even the most advanced machines are on par with a six-year-old child when discussing this category. Humans are so far ahead of computers in this category because of their ability to learn from experiences and take in multiple factors involved, as well.

    The area where machines have the definitive advantage is in the processing speed. In fact, a machine can perform 93,000 trillion operations per second. For example, let’s say that a doctor can make a diagnosis in ten minutes. An artificial intelligence system would be able to make one million diagnoses in that amount of time. Such processing speed and energy that the computers can provide is what allows them to excel in areas such as chess since it can calculate hundreds of thousands of moves per second.

    human vs machines

    Human Brain vs. AI: Who is the Winner?

    After considering the different elements, the human brain has to be the clear winner. When we get down to it, AI can only compete in some specific areas, like the chess example mentioned above. If your company is faced with an important decision or you are looking to create a state-of-the-art product, you will need human workers. Companies hire our software developers because of their wide experience and the knowledge that they bring to the table. This is something that a computer cannot compete with.

    We hope that such a technology vs. human mind comparison was useful for you. While it is possible to use AI for some routine tasks, it would not be an excellent decision to rely on when creating a new product. Whenever there are important decisions that must be taken into accounts, such as user behavior, product design, and many other highly specialized knowledge, only human intelligence will do. They can adapt ever-evolving market conditions to make sure that whatever you are creating will be competitive and will be received well by the users.

    Think of AI as a pure consumer of data. It will be able to learn from everything that you feed into, but it will never go out there and look for new information. Artificial intelligence relies on humans in this regard to find new data, break it down for them, and then input it into the computer for their neural networks to process and learn. If this process of human-generated data would stop, then artificial intelligence would simply collapse. For this reason, you should not be all that worried about machines taking over your job. After all, you provide a lot of valuable insights for your company that allows them to navigate the marketplace to ensure their product or service offering will be best received and most profitable. This is why your job is safe for the foreseeable future.

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