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    B2B Sales: 7 Main Mistakes That Kill Conversion

    B2B Sales: 7 Main Mistakes That Kill Conversion

    Ilya Dudkin


    7 min read

    A landing page or a site is one of the most important sales tools for many companies. However, attracting target customers to a landing page is half the battle. It is necessary to get them interested and inspire them to leave a phone number, e-mail or fill out the form. In other words, conversion is a certain user action on the site, after which you obtain their contact details that are further processed by the sales department.

    However, there are many cases when a target customer leaves the page in a couple of seconds. In this article, we have identified main reasons why it is happening.

    7 main reasons for the low conversion rate of sites in the B2B market

    1.     Landing page inconsistency

    Landing page should match the user’s request. If the customer is redirected to the site once he reads the advertisement with the text about Services, and gets into the Contact Us section instead of a page with the relevant information, he will be greatly surprised and can leave the site immediately. Therefore, during the advertising campaign on the Internet it is very important to monitor what banners with what offers lead to what pages of the site.

    2.     The lack of clarity and uncertain offer

    First 3-5 seconds are needed to come up with the overall impression of the site. It is important that during this time the visitor can understand what you or your site can offer him and why he should be interested in your services. How to do it?

    Firstly, you need to come up with an interesting and catchy header, which will contain the keywords that are in the ad. Thanks to this, this page will be displayed in a general search on a particular popular request.

    Secondly, it is important to focus on explaining clearly the key benefits that the customer will receive from purchasing your product or service, describe the advantages of the company. Instead, the sites are often abundant in all kinds of information, ranging from a mission to the news of corporate events, completely ignoring the description of the products or services provided. The content should be of high quality and meet the needs of your target audience. The information should be structured.

    Thirdly, the site and the company should be credible. Certificates, references to well-known brands, with which you cooperate, customer testimonials, information about your company in the media can help you with that.

    3.     A slow responsiveness of the site, complex navigation

    Time is money. Site responsiveness, ease of navigation, the way the information is presented should not only meet the expectations of the targeted customers, but also exceed them. You can use a variety of tools that provide an understanding of the behavior of site visitors: heat maps, WebVisor system in Yandex Metrics, a map of the clicks in Google Analytics, etc. With the help of surveys, you will receive a constant feedback from the customers. You shouldn’t cram the site with irrelevant information.

    4.     Presenting the offer

    You should present your offer of services (goods) in a way that the clients like. Draw attention to the unique benefits that make your product different from a similar product delivered by your competitors. Particular attention should be given to the benefits that the customer will receive by ordering your product or service. Post cases and testimonials of your customers about how your product/service solved their problems.

    5.     Inconvenient access to the contact information

    It can happen that the customer may want to place and order but cannot find the contact information. Instead of the phone numbers, there can be a form with 10 obligatory fields to fill out and a registration request. In this case, the client is likely to order from your competitors. In most cases, you should keep in mind that the smaller amount of fields in the lead form, the higher the conversion is.

    6.     Fear to launch the same offer again

    Sometimes, the company launches a great offer that brings excellent results, but later it terminates it. However, if to ask them why they do not launch this great offer once again, they respond: “We’ve already done it”. Here is the tip. Never hesitate to extend a successful offer.

    7.     No specific calls to action

    If your web page developed and designed by professionals to generate leads, try to make the process of lead generation as simple as possible. Use calls to action to encourage your visitors. Combine the pop-up windows and forms with special offers: “Leave your phone number and receive 50% discount on all products until the end of 2016,” and you will immediately see the results.


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