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    Benefits of Augmented Reality for the Beauty Industry

    Benefits of Augmented Reality for the Beauty Industry

    Ilya Dudkin


    6 min read

    Augmented Reality in Fashion Industry

    The growth of e-commerce, the rise of social media as well as an abundance of new beauty brands have made the beauty industry a very competitive market, with many companies competing for their share of the market. Both women and men helped make the beauty industry worth more than one billion dollars and are spending more money in the beauty industry than recent trends would suggest.  Nowadays, customers are finding new and interesting to find out about products and many stores are trying to keep up by finding technologies to reach customers in new places. AR is now being used by a lot of brands out there to reach more customers and provide a better shopping experience. Let’s take a closer look.

    AR VR banner

    Augmented Reality Beauty

    A lot of companies out there are incorporating augmented reality to overlay digital images into the real world. This allows customers to try on products and makeup from any location. It is very difficult for customers to shop for makeup online since each customer is asking themselves “How will this makeup look on my complexion?” Considering how expensive the makeup can be if it from a top retailer, customers need to be absolutely sure that it will be a perfect fit for them. Therefore, giving the customers information about the makeup and letting them try it on via their cell phone camera helps make the decision easier.

    Augmented reality can also be used for educating customers about how to achieve a certain look and what products they will need to do it. The mobile apps can include step-by-step tutorials on how to do everything from minor touch-ups to complete makeovers. For example, there is an app that gives customers access to exclusive live streams where beauty experts and makeup artists share their tips and secrets on achieving the look you want.

    Facial recognition technology

    Examples of Augmented Reality Makeup

    One interesting AR makeup application developer by Skywell Software AR team is called Cosmia MakeUp. Since the consumer is becoming more sophisticated, demanding and hesitant to spend a lot of time for shopping, the makeup brand Cosmia decided to embody everything in their mobile app with AR technology. The app is based on a face recognition engine.

    The users can try on any product that they would like – such as lipstick, eye shadow, blush and see how it is a good look for them. This eliminates buyer’s remorse and makes them more confident in the products. Also, there is a readymade solution feature that allows you to try on a complete look without choosing each independent accessory. In the future, they plan to expand the functionality of the application, so that you can buy your favorite cosmetics right inside the application or by going to the online store.

    This is a great example of how augmented reality programming is being harnessed by beauty brands to build a relationship with their customers, by offering them the opportunity to shop from the convenience of their own home, or wherever they may be.

    Future of Beauty Tech

    The latest beauty technology trends suggest that in the future, beauty tech will be able to analyze the customer’s skin type, contour, and overall complexion and come up with a set of products tailored to their particular complexion. Also, let’s say that a customer saw a makeup style or look on a supermodel or actress, they will be able to scan a picture of the actress or supermodel and the app will produce the products they need to emulate that look. All these new technologies will fundamentally change the shopping experience. Everything will continue to be tailored and geared towards providing a seamless user experience with augmented reality, but brands will continue to find new ways of pitching products and eliminating buyers’ remorse. This is sure to be an exciting time for the beauty industry and augmented reality in general.

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