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    Best VFX Software For Custom Development

    Best VFX Software For Custom Development

    Ilya Dudkin


    10 min read

    Best VFX software

    There have been many new advances in computer graphics over the years and one of the biggest ones was allowing users to create their own 3D artwork. Such artwork does not necessarily have to be in video games or movies, but also in real life situations such as creating presentations, building models or anything else that requires visually representing information. Skywell Software offers VFX software development services and has compiled a list of the top 10 visual effects software to show you what is on the market today.

    • Autodesk Maya – one of the best visual effects software because with it you can make characters from zero and make professional style changes to projects. Since it comes with MEL programming language already integrated, you can create custom scripts or find ones that already exist to use in your project.
    • Autodesk 3DS Max – a tool for creating 3D models and it has a very simple user interface which even a beginner can use. Its modeling tools span the gamut and allow you to create any project regardless of how complex it may be and make any changes you need as well. It can be especially useful if you need to create architecture models since it has CAD software already integrated.
    • Blender – free of charge technology for creating visual effects. It is also good for building 3D pipeline models rendering, animations and many other things. It supports NURBS surfaces along with polygon meshes thus making it one of the most widely used visual effects softwares on the market today. However, unlike Autodesk, it will be difficult to use Blender if you have never used it before.
    • Houdini – one of the great visual FX programs that are easy to use. It is node-based which comes in handy because with every action a node is created. Such nodes can form a network and you can make any changes necessary to individual nodes or the entire network of nodes with relative ease. Even though it is very easy to use, you can still create very advanced particle and dynamic simulations. For example, you can create life-like fire and smoke coming out of it or water effects that that react to surface tension.
    Visual Effects
    • Adobe After Effects – used extensively to create animations and special effects. It can be used to create all kinds of things for video games and movies alike such as characters, edited 2D material a lot more. All of this innovation and wide practical application earned Adobe After Effects and Academy Award in 2019. Having said this, it is important to remember that Adobe After Effects will not replace video editing software. It would be more beneficial to apply this software to material that has already been edited.
    • ZBrush – standard tool for digital sculpting. It allows users to select which 3D art workflows best suit their needs and uses pixel technology to store all kinds of information about the objects on the screen such as color, depth, lighting, etc. One of the biggest reasons why everybody loves using it is because it offers such a high level of resolution that you can make miniscule changes to your models. For example, let’s say that you are making a human face, which has all kinds of details. Not every VFX software will allow you to make such minute changes, but these changes could make all the difference in the world.
    • SpeedTree Cinema – used in blockbuster movies such as Avatar, Iron Man 3, Birdman just to name a few. Its main use is creating artificial foliage and vegetation for movies and video games that require real-time simulations. For example, let’s say you are playing a video game and the character(s) continue running on and on into a forest. Such a game would require new trees, grass, bushes, and other foliage and vegetation to appear right away. This is where SpeedTree comes in and has had the most success. In fact, it was awarded the Scientific and Technical Academy Award in 2015 for the level of technological advances that it was able to achieve.
    Visual Effects Software
    • Marvelous Designer – one of the best fashion design packages on the market today, but it is a bit pricey. It charges a monthly fee of $50 which might seem like a lot, but it is, in fact, cheaper than the previous version. If you are creating a video game and you need the most cutting-edge software to dress your characters, this software will give you the most options to do so. The newest version offers increase usability since you do not have to painstakingly create each individual outfit. Instead, you can grab what you need from the library and then adjust it to the avatar that you are using.
    • Substance Painter – widely known texture painting software on the market. It is quickly gaining more and more followers since it has many features built-in and other features can be augmented with third-party resources. The biggest changes that you will experience in the newest version are the ones that are beneath the surface such as scene loading speed, asset handling, and many bug fixes.
    • Substance designer – the first tool that uses Nvidia’s Material Definition Language which allows you to create artwork and share it across applications. This is also groundbreaking software that brings enhanced features to the users since it offers an interface for creating MDL materials.
    Visual FX programs

    We hope that this list of visual effects programs will be useful for you when creating your artwork. Each of the software mentioned above comes with its own unique features, but ultimately, you have to determine the features that your project requires. This could be the level of detail, subject matter, usability and any other factor you deem necessary. There have been a lot of acronyms and tools mentioned when describing all of the different software, but if you do not know what they mean you should not panic. They are technical terms that all designers know and try to find solutions that incorporate the technology.

    Also, you must consider yours and your team’s experience with using best VFX software since some of them are not very easy to get a hang of right out of the bat, but they may be the ones that best suit your project. So, take an inventory of all the things that you will require and counterbalance this with your experience since it would be best to delegate this responsibility to someone else instead of risking design mistakes. When creating virtual effects, even the small details can make a big difference, therefore it is important that you have a vision of what you would like to create and have the exact skill set available in order to create it.

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