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    Functionality, Features of Work and Development of 5G Applications

    Functionality, Features of Work and Development of 5G Applications

    Tracy Watson


    8 min read

    5g applications

    The arrival of 5G will definitely be a gamechanger across industries. It will improve the services we have right now and offer an extended range of capabilities for the future. With a faster and always-on connection, you expect to see a lot of changes in the ways both businesses and consumers interact with technology. According to a report by Gartner conducted last year, 66% of companies plan to release an IoT application by 2020. With all of this in mind, let’s take a closer look at 5G technology, starting with a definition.

    What is 5G?

    5G is an advanced wireless technology that started popping up in 2019. It allows for next-generation internet speeds and connectivity that will be much faster and reliable than the 4G speeds we have today. As you can imagine, tech companies everywhere are excited about this new development because it will allow them to create more advanced solutions without having to worry about lagging speeds that limit the performance of an app or a device. The end-user will also benefit from 5G because they will be able to upload and download things much faster, and, in general, they will have a much more pleasant experience using their favorite technology.

    While 5G speeds are very beneficial for consumers and tech companies, how will this impact the developers who are making the products?

    Impact of 5G on Developers

    Creating a 5G or another device requiring such a connectivity speed has its positives and negatives. Let’s start with the pros:

    • Faster file transfers – If your app requires transferring something from one device or another such as data, money, or anything else, this will be done much faster.
    • Enhanced user interface – We can track how the development of the UI has evolved with the release of next-generation internet speeds. For example, if we were to watch a video with 3G or even 4G speeds and then watch it with LTE, the difference would be night and day. Therefore, expect the UI offered by 5G to be even better.
    • Greater capacities – Since 5G speeds offer fast connectivity, developers will be able to include more features into IoT devices and VR/AR apps, thus paving the way for a much better user experience.
    • Improved navigational apps – One of the applications of 5G mobile technology is in areas like tourism and navigation in general. Developers will be able to create apps that contain all historical places and other areas of interest in greater detail and with more interactivity.
    5g app

    Now let’s take a look at some possible challenges:

    • Potential security issues – Since 5G networks are increasingly based on software, this creates potential loopholes and entry points for hackers. They could insert backdoors into products and make them hard to identify.
    • Creating a new business model – We mentioned how 5G speeds would enable a broader range of use cases and functionalities for the end-user. This means that the business model will have to be adjusted to include things like the problem(s) the app will solve, gated features, what are the users willing to pay for, and many other considerations.
    • Multiple app versions – Just like with every new technology, not everybody is quick to jump on the bandwagon. This means that there will have to be apps that run on 5G and slower connections, as well.

    Applications of 5G Wireless Technology

    We mentioned one application of the 5G wireless system in terms of how it will affect tourism, but it will affect many other industries as well. For example, if we look at gaming, users can expect the experience to be even more immersive. Best of all, gamers will not have to spend a lot of money on buying an expensive computer that can render AR/VR content because it will be possible to stream the game right from the cloud. As you can imagine, both augmented and virtual reality requires high resolution and low latency to create the graphics, and 5G speeds will be absolutely critical in making this a reality.

    If we look at the automotive sphere, 5G speeds could finally usher in the era of self-driving cars and help make the driving experience more enjoyable. Since the vehicle will be smarter, all kinds of connected IoT devices will be included and work at the necessary speed, thanks to 5G. Furthermore, a lot of companies are using cloud services such as Azure and AWS, to develop their products. This means that they will need extremely fast connectivity to send data back and forth from the cloud.

    application of 5g wireless system

    The 5G Revolution is Almost Here

    All of the possible uses and applications of 5G that we mentioned further goes to show that 5G will transform the way app and devices are created and how the end-user interacts with them. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities for creating new products and services that were not possible with previous generation speeds. At the same time, it is important to account for some of the security and other challenges that this new technology brings with it. As companies focus on creating more feature-rich products, they will have to do an even greater job of accounting for new threats and adjusting to new market conditions.

    The user is always expecting brands and companies to provide them with customized and unique experiences. 5G paves the way to accomplish this as no technology has done before.

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