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    Go Green: Best Eco-Friendly Technologies

    Go Green: Best Eco-Friendly Technologies

    Ilya Dudkin


    7 min read

    newest green technology

    There is a lot of discussions nowadays about global warming and all of the very bad things that come with it such floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and many other natural and ecological dusters. Fortunately, the newest green technology is here to help us try to reverse or at least mitigate some of the damage that has been done. In this article, we will discuss some of the most innovative technologies making the world a little bit greener and it will also give us a sneak peek into what-what future green technology has in store for us.   

    1. Air Purifying Tiles 

    A lot of environmentally friendly technologies out there are pretty advanced, such as the ones that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or creating biodegradable products. While these are very important, they are not very practical for the average citizens. However, there is an interesting new technology that uses Titanium dioxide to take pollution and convert it into soluble nitrates. The tiles in people’s roofs are coated with this material and it works as an air purifier that can be installed on any roof without any additional difficulties. While this technology is still being tested, the results could really make a dramatic impact if lots of homes adopt this technology.

          2. Green Concrete 

    There is a misconception that goes green technology is lacking durability and will not stand the test of time. One interesting new invention is green concrete. This is a fairly drastic departure from the concrete that you are used to seeing since it is very durable and also absorbs smog and other pollutants thus increasing the air quality. The early adopters of this technology have been the Dutch, with most testing and installation done in the Netherlands. Just like with the Eco tiles we mentioned above, this concrete also uses Titanium Oxide to purify the air, but this makes the Eco-concrete more expensive to produce. Currently, ongoing research is focused to balance green concrete’s ecological sustainability with financial soundness.   

    future green technology

           3. Innovative Pavement 

    The blacktop that we are used to seeing on the roads absorbs the sunlight and heats up everything that is in the immediate surrounding area. This is especially evident in the summer months when the pavement can reach temperatures of up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can imagine, this is a critical factor in the overall temperature of urban centers where concrete accounts for more than half of all surfaces. Cool Pavement, an innovative technology, has been proven to reduce the temperature of the pavement by more than 40 degrees. Research is currently going on to determine the best color in order to get the optimal cooling effect.  

    The benefits of implementing Cool Pavement could be huge with a potential to slow down the global warming process, lower energy consumption since there is less demand for air conditioning and it does not emit harmful things into the atmosphere.  

            4. More Efficient Construction 

    A lot of the green technology that we talked about require visualization and conception to install properly since this could result in wasted materials and having to rebuild sections which require more energy. Recent developments in augmented reality software development have allowed architects and project leaders to visualize the end result thus eliminating waste of raw materials and electricity.  

    eco friendly technology

             5. Flower Power 

    Most of the environmentally sustainable technology that we use today were made to resemble what flowers already do naturally i.e. take carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. Believe it or not, but researchers have been able to come with a power generating method by interrupting the photosynthesis process where the plant splits the water molecules thus producing energy. Even though this technology is still in its early stages, research has shown that this method can put out two times more energy than a solar plant of similar size. A lot of people hope that in the future this green tech product will be used to provide power.  

    There are many other eco-friendly inventions for the future that were created to make our world a better place. With all the money and effort put in green technology products, we are also able to minimize the damages to the environment over the previous decades and even centuries. We are gradually getting closer to an era of energy independence which will be made possible by renewable energy sources.    

    Virtual reality can be a great tool to inform society about environmental issues and provide tips on how to best conserve the environment. It can really immerse the viewer into environmental issues in a way that traditional media cannot.  

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