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    Hiring a Dedicated Development Team May Be the Boost You are Looking For

    Hiring a Dedicated Development Team May Be the Boost You are Looking For

    Tracy Watson


    9 min read

    gamification software developers

    Pretty much every industry has been impacted by the pandemic in one way or another. One of the silver linings has been the increased pace of digital transformations and the adoption of new technologies. This allowed many businesses to find alternative revenue streams to sustain them until the economic situation improves. However, not every company has the necessary skills and knowledge in-house to develop the particular resolution they need. This is why many businesses have set up offshore dedicated teams to get the needed development work done. Today we will share with you the pros and cons of hiring a dedicated team so you can make a more informed decision about whether or not this work model is right for you. 

    What is a Dedicated Software Development Team? 

    Imagine having the opportunity to hire developers from any part of the world to work on your project. This can be anywhere from one to a whole team of developers with the needed skills and expertise. Think of your offshore team as an extension of the one you have in-house. You can hire dedicated programmers to get any part of the project done that you need or an entire dedicated project team to shoulder a significant part or even the entire burden of actualizing the project. As we will see later on, this work model comes with its pros and cons, and let’s explore this next. 

    What are the Benefits of Dedicated Teams? 

    There are many benefits to hiring a dedicated team: 

    • Keep costs under control – Since labor costs are a lot lower than in the US and EU, you will be able to hire top-quality talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring such people in your local market. 
    • Access to the Best Talent – Outsourcing destinations, like Ukraine in particular, have a wide talent pool of candidates, with more and more developers entering the field every year. Even if you need to hire people with a very specific skill set or knowledge of a technology that is not that often used, you will easily be able to do so. 
    • Full Team Engagement – As the name suggests, developers in your dedicated team will work exclusively on the tasks you give them. With other outsourcing models, they will have to shift from one project to another. 
    • Full Control of Your Team – With the dedicated team model, you are always in control of what your team is doing. There is full transparency into how the project is moving along, and you will always have a contact person to answer any of your questions. 
    Engineer vs Developer

    Are There Any Drawbacks to Hiring a Dedicated Team? 

    There are some downsides of hiring a dedicated team: 

    • Team integration challenges – Since your offshore team will be closely working with your in-house team, full integration into the needed working processes needs to be fully integrated. 
    • It takes time to recruit developers – Under the dedicated team model, recruitment is usually done from scratch, so it will take some time to find the candidates you are looking for.
    • Not Useful for Short-term and small projects – The dedicated team model is not helpful for projects with a short duration since it would not be very beneficial to go through all of the needed steps for such a small amount of work. 

    Now that we know all about the dedicated team model let’s explore some of the main directions of development it is used in. 

    Magento Development 

    Hiring a dedicated team for your Magento development needs is an excellent idea if you are looking to install, configure, customize, upgrade, and add new functionality to your e-commerce solution according to your business needs and requirements. You can hire a dedicated Magento developer or an entire team to scale your platform by building new themes, adding new payment methods, and many other features. Also, if you need any assistance integrating your Magento platform with third-party systems and other applications, your dedicated team will be able to help with this as well. 

    magento development

    Marketplace Development 

    Whether you are looking to build the next Amazon or simply upgrade the platform you have in place, hiring professional marketplace developers is definitely the best way to go. This way, you will be able to create a marketplace that brings in a lot of traffic, increases conversion, and grows sales. The reason you should consider hiring professional marketplace developers is that they will be able to build a highly successful, scalable, and quality marketplace your customers will enjoy. 

    PHP Development 

    If you are looking to hire dedicated PHP developers, you should consider doing so overseas because the outsourcing company will ensure the continuity and longevity of your team. After all, if a developer has worked for you for an extended period of time, it is in everybody’s best interest to retain them since they have accumulated a lot of knowledge about your project and the industry as a whole. 

    magento 1 to magento 2 migration

    WordPress Development 

    If you are looking to grow your website by supporting greater amounts of users or you would like to add new features or anything else, a dedicated WordPress developer will be able to do this for you. In addition to this, many companies choose to develop their own custom WordPress plugins that also require API integrations. This is the type of work that is best left to a dedicated team. 

    Java Development 

    While Java is one of the most popular programming languages, a lot of times you will be looking to hire a dedicated Java developer with knowledge of very specific technologies such as Spring (DI, JDBCTemplate, Security, MVC, Boot), MyBatis, Hibernate, Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, WildFly, JDBC, Java8 (java. time, Stream API), JAXB, Jackson. The outsourcing provider will help you find the candidates with the right skillset that you are looking for and give them everything they need to be successful. 

    Trust Skywell Software to Assemble Your Dedicated Team

    If you are looking to assemble a dedicated team with any of the technologies listed above, contact Skywell Software today to get started. We have extensive experience in custom software development in various technologies and can make even the most daring visions a reality. 

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