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    Top 4 Magento Pros and Cons: Why Use Magento for Your eCommerce Website

    Top 4 Magento Pros and Cons: Why Use Magento for Your eCommerce Website

    Tracy Watson


    9 min read

    magento development

    If you are operating an e-commerce store, you are probably looking for a platform that can help you unlock new business opportunities and attract new customers. While there are many platforms out there for you to choose from, many e-commerce professionals choose Magento, given all of the features it has to offer. Today we will take a closer look at Magento features and benefits so you can make a more informed decision as to whether or not it is right for your business. 

    1. It’s One of the Most Powerful Platforms Out There 

    Not many e-commerce platforms will accommodate hundreds of thousands of products without any hassle at all, and Magento gives you this powerful capability. In fact, not only will you be able to store products, but there are additional features for inventory management so you can better organize your products. It is also worth pointing out that Magento is very scalable, so even if you are not performing many transactions right now, you will be better prepared for the future when things start picking up. There are additional filters and navigation you can set up to help your customers find what they are looking for faster, thus increasing conversion rates. 

    2. A lot of SEO Benefits 

    Many e-commerce business owners overlook SEO because it requires additional human resources and specific knowledge. However, customers must be able to find your website in the search engine results. One of Magento 2 benefits is that it does some of the SEO work for you. This includes optimizing the product pages, generating SEO-friendly URLs, and websites created with Magento are mobile responsive so that they will work on all browsers and screen sizes. This is very important for Google because it is a lot easier for visitors to read and navigate your site, which leads to more time spent. 

    magento 2 data migration tool

    3. Attract Mobile Users

    Being mobile-friendly has a lot more benefits than just SEO. In fact, mobile e-commerce spending in the US amounted to $47.8 billion in US, and by having a mobile-friendly website, you can get a portion of this revenue for your store. This will also allow you to keep up with the growing m-commerce trends since shoppers prefer to browse through and purchase products through their mobile devices. 

    4. Magento is Fully Customizable

    With Magento, you will be able to customize pretty much any aspect of your website. However, it is important to note that highly detailed customization will require you to turn to Magento development services since all of these customizations will need to be coded from scratch. While some design themes are available on the Magento website, you will need some professional assistance to get the unique look you want. Aside from the appearance, you will also customize the payment, shipment, and language options to accommodate your customers. 

    Now that we know about some of the biggest benefits of creating an e-commerce website using Magento let’s now explore the Magento cons. 

    magento ecommerce solution

    What are the Cons of Using Magento? 

    1. It’s Expensive

    If you are wondering how to create a website using Magento, the fact of the matter is that you will probably need the help of professional developers to create an e-commerce website using Magento. We already mentioned the customizations will require coding, but you also need to think about third-party extensions, multiple storefronts with a single backend, and many other things. Also, you need to think about the licensing costs. While you can get the Community version of Magento for free, you will have to pay a large licensing fee to use the Enterprise version. Therefore, if you decide to make the investment into Magento, it makes even more sense to hire developers to get your site up and running. 

    2. Finding Developers Could Be Difficult

    While Magento has a large community of developers, it can be difficult to find people who know all of the nuances of working with this platform. This is because of the complex understanding a developer needs to have in object-oriented development and the experience they need to have with Magento itself. Because of all of the things a developer would need to master in order to start working with Magento, they would need a lot of time to learn it all. This also goes back to the costs we mentioned in the previous section because finding experienced Magento developers could be very expensive. 

    analysis of customer behavior in magento

    3. The Community Version is Burdensome to Set Up

    The Enterprise version of Magento is very fast. The community version – not so much. This makes customizations a lot more difficult and it is also very hard to switch to Magento from another platform because the data is imported at such a slow rate. One of the reasons for the slow load times is the flexible architecture which makes it very difficult to set up. However, it is worth stressing that if you buy the Enterprise version you will not have to deal with any of this. 

    4. Hosting Challenges

    If you decide to use Magento, you will need to set up a special server just for it. Also, Magento needs to be configured in a server that you and your developers are proficient in. This might limit your hosting options depending on the size and experience of your in-house staff. The reason for this is the bulkiness, and further optimization will require a lot of specialized skills. This is why hosting is one of the biggest cons of Magento. 

    Start Using Magento for Your Business Today

    Just like with any platform, Magento has its pros and cons. However, in this situation, there are a lot more benefits than negatives, but you will need to partner with a trusted Magento development company like Skywell Software to make sure everything is set up correctly. We have extensive experience developing Magento websites and can customize your website to your exact specifications. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 

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