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    Marvel Avengers Gadgets and Technologies: What Tech Inventions Superheroes Use

    Marvel Avengers Gadgets and Technologies: What Tech Inventions Superheroes Use

    Ilya Dudkin


    11 min read

    Avengers Heroes Technology and Gadgets

    The moment Avengers fans have been waiting is almost here. The release of Avengers: Endgame is just around the corner and in this series finally the Avengers who survived the Infinity War must band together and reverse everything that was done by Thanos in one final stand. However, some of our favorite heroes obtained their superpowers with the help of technology. These technologies are more advanced than anything we have seen with the previous generation of superheroes, but interestingly enough, we are starting to see being developed in real life. Let’s take look at some of the technology-based superheroes and their gadgets.

    Tony Stark Technology

    The Tony Stark inventions are absolutely amazing. His most well-known invention is the Iron Man suit which can be reformed if damaged and is extremely lightweight. More technologically impressive is the Tony Stark AI Spider-Man costume. After the Clash of the Avengers, Tony Stark updated Spider Man’s costume with an artificial intelligence system called Karen, which kept Spider-Man informed about any changes in plans. Also, he created an AI-powered peacekeeping force called “Ultron” which went horribly wrong. Basically, even though Ultron was originally given the job of protecting the planet against domestic and external threats, he ultimately decided that the biggest threat to the planet was humanity itself.

    Iron Man Tony Stark Technology

    Tony Stark’s other inventions include:

    • The Hellicarier – Tony Stark created this machine that was intended to function as a modern-day aircraft carrier. However, thanks to engines, it is capable of staying in the air indefinitely.
    • Spider Drone – While it may not look like much, it can detach itself from the Spider-Man suit and fly off to collect information.
    • Iron Legion – While the Avengers were away fighting the bad guys, the Iron Legion was tasked with protecting the human population.
    • Stark Hud 2020 – These are computer vision technology glasses that were geared for the mass public. It includes geo-location services, tourist information, weather and much more.
    • Tony Stark called himself a “genius” many times during the movie and given his impressive track record of producing advance gadgets with AI, he certainly lives up to the title.

    Black Panther Technology

    While Tony Stark gets all the credit of being the genius among the Avengers, we have to keep in mind the Black Panther gadgets. First of all, the Black Panther suit and hovercraft also impressive since it is capable of dropping in onto a roof without anyone suspecting a thing. Even more impressively, it was created 16 years before Tony Stark came up with the Iron Man suit. In the prelude comic of the Infinity War, Shuri, who is in charge of Wakanda Technologies development is able to reprogram Bucky Barnes’ mind with the help of AI. By doing so, Bucky wakes up for the Black Panther’s post-credit scene and is completely cured of malicious programming. The Avengers AI developments continue to get more and more impressive and also begin to play an increased role in the plot.

    She also had a number of medical achievements the most impressive of which was curing Agent Avery Ross after he took a bullet to the spine. Tony Stark was only able to offer physical therapy to Ross, but Shuri was able to use vibranium to totally cure him. Interestingly enough, some of her inventions can be seen in real life. For example, Shuri came up with a high-speed underground train and Elon Musk is looking to build something similar to the Hyperloop. His company has already begun excavations for installing a vacuum powered high-speed railway system in Washington D.C, which he hopes someday will be able to transport passengers from New York to Washington in about half an hour. Currently, such a trip takes somewhere between 3-4 hours.

    Black Panther Technology

    Here is some other notable Black Panther technology:

    • Holograms – In addition to being featured in Shuri’s lab, live-feed holograms are being used instead of phone calls and come in the form of wearable technology that was inspired by traditional African jewelry.
    • Kinetic energy storage – One of the most interesting Marvel technology which has not been explored to its fullest capability is the ability to obtain kinetic energy from whatever the evildoers can throw at them such as kicks, punches and anything else the bad guys might throw at them. In fact, the bigger the explosion or the force, the more energy is gained by the superhero. This would allow the suit to remain charge for an indefinite period of time since it can obtain the energy and store it for future use, but it can also tap into this awesome power in order to deliver a very powerful subsonic hit while taking in very little damage itself. The ability of the suit to have such power is based on the presence of vibranium. While this technology might be one of the most interesting ones, it has not been given the attention it deserves by Marvel.
    • Remote piloting – At one point in the previous Avenger film, Shuri and her CIA sidekick drive a car and fly a plane form a remote location. All of this is possible with the help of technology that was invented by Wakanda industries, the Kimoyo bead, which lets them have a view out of every and get a feel for all the controls as if they were in a real car or airplane.
    • Magnet-powered metro – While there were many transportation methods featured in the Avenger movies, the most features one is the magnet metro. In the movie, it is referred to as “maglev” or magnetic levitation and was designed by Shuri and her teenage sister to rival the subway of Tony Stark. According to sources, the inspiration for this type of transportation system was inspired by the one used in Oakland nowadays, but there is no way you would be able to tell by comparing the two.

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    The Guardians of the Galaxy have cool gadgets as well:

    • Aerorig – This is a self-propelled flight pack. When they are not being used, they are very small and compact. But when you need to use them, they are equipped with a body harness.
    • Benatar – This is a ravager-M ship. After the Milano was destroyed became the new spaceship used by the Guardians of the Galaxy. For their interstellar missions.
    • Interstellar Travel Ship – This is the mobile headquarters of the Guardians of the Galaxy and created by Rocket Raccoon.
    • Element Gun – This is a unique weapon that combines all four elements. The Element Guns were used by the Spartaxian royal family and be only used by members of the royal family.
    Guardians of The Galaxy Technology

    The technology superheroes rely on are cool and they are way beyond the gadgets used by characters such as DC Batman. The theme that we are starting to get from all the Marvel gadgets is that anyone can become a superhero as long as they have the necessary technology to do it. Tony Stark, even though he was a billionaire, was a mere mortal who used his own ingenuity to create a special suit which packs all kinds of features to help him win in battle. Furthermore, even the technology that appears in the movie is mostly used for good, we have to be constantly wary of technology getting the better us and start being used for other purposes until it ultimately spirals out of control. Granted, this technology might not end up destroying the planet and the human race like Avengers AI, but it could have some potential negative side effects that we will have to deal with for time to come.

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