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    New Features Microsoft Visual Studio Added to Latest Update 2019

    New Features Microsoft Visual Studio Added to Latest Update 2019

    Tracy Watson


    8 min read

    what is visual studio code

    Microsoft Visual Code is a big part of a developer’s repertoire. It is a feature-packed development editor that can be used in almost any programming language starting with the old school ones like C and all the way to those popular today such as GoLang and Node.js. There are a number of ransoms why it is important to keep track of what’s going on in the world of Microsoft Studio. First of all, Microsoft updates it regularly, thus making new features available and eliminating bugs. Also, since it plays such an important role in the development world, you have to know what was included in the latest releases since you might want to use it in your next project.

    Before we get into all of the new features in this year’s upgrade, let’s get a refresher on what Microsoft Studio Code is all about.   

    What is Visual Studio Code?  

    Visual Studio Code is a source code editor that was created by Microsoft. It can be used on platforms such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. The reason developers love it so much is because it allows them to do a lot more than just edit code. It makes them productive since they do not have to fiddle around with the environment. For example, it includes tools for code understanding such as IntelliSense which will perform code completion. There is also support for rich semantic code understanding, navigation, and refactoring. Basically, custom software developers of all levels will be able to find useful features that will allow them to spend more time on development instead of setting up the environment.   

    With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at what features Microsoft included in the latest release.   

    What’s New in MS Visual Studio 2019?  

    microsoft visual studio

    When you open the latest version of Visual Studio for the first time, you will see a new start window. This has also been updated to allow you to get working more quickly with new buttons such as “CLion or Check-out code.” You will also be able to open an existing project right from the start menu or create a new project as well. If you need to share the codebase with another member of your team, you will be able to do this thanks to Visual Studio Live Share. The teammate will be able to perform a wide array of functionalities with the code that you have shared from editing to debugging without a hassle.   

    In addition to everything mentioned above, the newest version of MS Visual Studio came out last month and included the following features:   

    • A lot has been done with the Settings. First of all, all of the warnings for unsupported JSON files that appeared in the previous version have been removed. The same thing is true for the settings that have been disabled.   
    • On a similar note, you will now be able to edit an array-of-strings in the Settings editor.   
    • In some of the older version, there was an experimental setting that divided the TypeScript server into separate semantic and syntax parts, and now it will be on by default. This will allow the operations that are syntax-based to be more readily available. These include things like code folding and many others.   
    • There are also some developments as far as the API. The new API allows extensions to manage, read, and write files.   
    • There are some improvements made to the Workbench. All of the product icons have been updated to be of the same size, style, and color. The Visual Studio was helpful in making this update happen since it provided a lot of feedback to Microsoft on what needs to be updated.   

    Get More Done with Visual Studio  

    visual studio 2019

    Every team leader has a responsibility to provide their workers with the most comfortable conditions possible so they can be more productive. The newest version of Visual Studio offers exactly that. With a lot of the other integrated development environments (IDE), you will have to download a bunch of extensions to replicate the working conditions that Visual Studio includes out-of-the-box. Even though all of these extensions might be extremely lightweight, it is still extra work to search and install them.   

    A lot of times, if you have a feature-rich environment, such as PHP Storm, there is so much packed into it that it can become overwhelming. Virtual Studio has been able to find a balance of having a wide range of functionality in the default configuration while still being fast and lightweight. If you do need some extension, Virtual Studio is a very popular tool, so you will not have any problems finding a reliable and well-reviewed solution.    

    Perhaps more importantly, all of the new features that were included in the new release show Microsoft is listening to developers’ demands. In fact, this has become a common trend. We mentioned that Microsoft makes updates to Visual Studio on a regular basis, and each of them makes the lives of developers much easier. This includes major upgrades such as support for additional programming languages to smaller things like the updates to the product icons.   

    Give the latest version of Visual Studio a try and see for yourself why it is so popular among developers. If you have been let down by IDEs in the past, try switching to Visual Studio today and become more productive without having to download any additional extensions.

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