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    Most In Demand IT Jobs of 2019-2020

    Most In Demand IT Jobs of 2019-2020

    Ilya Dudkin


    9 min read

    most in demand it jobsAs a result of digital transformations that many businesses are going through in today’s IT landscape, the jobs that will be in demand will start changing by 2020 and will be more oriented towards more high tech technologies such as AR/VR, AI, and the IoT. The demand for qualified workers to fill these positions is growing as well, which includes commonly found vacancies such as backend and frontend developer, but there are also some less known ones as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand IT jobs of 2019 – 2020.

    1.  Computer Vision Engineer

    This is one of the best tech jobs in 2019 because the demand for computer vision engineers has grown at a steady rate over the past five years. Their primary responsibilities include creating and fine-tuning both computer vision and ML algorithms so that they can locate, identify and classify objects. Also, since AR/VR has also grown in popularity and is expected to be a $215 billion-dollar business by 2021, the need for computer vision engineer will also increase because it is directly on Ted with AR and VR.

    1.  ML Engineer

    The ML (Machine Learning) engineers create AI systems and machines that are capable of learning and applying what they learned. They conduct advanced programming while working with convoluted datasets and algorithms to train their AI creations. What makes this one of the best technology jobs is that we see pretty much every IT company out there transforming into an AI company, therefore requiring a huge number of investments and making ML engineers a very in demand and popular profession next year and beyond.

    1. App Developer

    App developer made our list of top IT jobs because it sits at the crossroads of where technical capacity meets business needs. This role does not simply imply coding. We mentioned the popularity of AR and VR earlier and the demand for AR/VR software developers will also increase. There have been many AR-based games released in 2018 and as well as many other uses of AR and VR and these technologies will be heavily used in 2019.

    1. Network Analyst

    As the IoT becomes mainstream and makes its way into the workplace, there will be a lot more things that will require connectivity in an efficient and easy to use manner, which serves as wind in the sails tech professions such as Network Analyst. They will need to find a way to combine their set of technical skills to produce real-time trending information regarding network traffic and their impact on the company as a whole. Therefore, network analysts will be required to know much more than how sensors work. Future network analysts must possess a thorough grasp of how the entire company operates as well as sound knowledge in AI. These new requirements make this a completely different role than most people are used to.

    1. Security Analyst

    As the number of cyber attacks increases every year and each leak of information is costing companies millions of dollars, one of the jobs trends that is very popular right now and will be in the future, is hiring more and more security analysts. The cyber attacks that we are seeing both in the public and private sector are getting more and more advanced, which means that governments and private companies need to be one step ahead all the time. In 2019, companies will be more proactive in terms of taking on security threats head-on, which means that security analysts will need additional AI and data skills. Business Intelligence Analyst

    1. Business Intelligence Analyst

    It is helpful to think of the BI analyst as a counterpart to the mobile app developer. The business analyst tackles all of the issues concerning the business side of products, taking into account the company’s need in terms of apps to make a process work. It is the job of the business intelligence analyst to collect all necessary data from a wide variety of sources to draw a comprehensive picture of the company’s positioning in the industry and provide recommendations on how to cut costs and achieve growth.

    1. DevOps Lead

    As you start hiring software developers, testers, and BI analysts, you will need to make sure that you have enough DevOps talent on your team in order to coordinate the work between all of these separate groups. The project management skills that they bring to the table are simply indispensable, which go beyond software development. All companies out there want to organize their operations in the most efficient way possible in order to avoid wasting resources and DevOps is a driving factor in delivering software faster with greater efficiency.

    1. Database Administrator

    As companies provide a greater offering of AI-based software, the demand for database administrators will increase since companies will need to be able to maintain databases in a quality manner to make their products work efficiently.

    1. Cloud Engineer

    An increasing amount of companies are moving their vital systems to the cloud and there are opting for a hybrid approach with many vendors. Cloud engineers will need to come up with scalable solutions and combine both in-house technologies with outside systems.

    User Support Specialist

    1. User Support Specialist

    The technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives, we will need the help of support specialists more often, which makes this one of the biggest computer jobs in demand. What many people forget is that software development does not end after the release. You still must monitor the performance of the product and provide support to users who are getting adjusted to your product.

    What jobs will be in demand in 2020? It is difficult to provide a definite list, but we extrapolate the trends that we are seeing on the market today, then the ten jobs mentioned above will definitely be in demand. The jobs of the future in 2020 will be much different from the ones that we are seeing today. Even if the job title will be the same, the job description, skillset, and knowledge needed for performing these jobs will be at the highest level possible.

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