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    New Technology 2022: What to Watch for Next Year

    New Technology 2022: What to Watch for Next Year

    Tracy Watson


    12 min read

    new tech 2022

    Nothing in tech is certain—in the earliest days of 2020, few industry experts would have predicted that the focus for tech professionals in the coming months would be on the rapid deployment of tools to support widespread remote work. Still, barring unforeseen developments, leaders in the tech industry can usually spot upcoming trends. Today we will share with you some of the 2022 technology trends you can expect to dominate in key technologies like AR, VR, 3D modeling, and AI. 

    Trends in Augmented Reality 

    Some of the main 2022 technology trends in augmented reality include the combination of AR and AI. For quite some time, AR has been implemented with machine learning and artificial intelligence, the result of which is computer vision. This gives devices the ability to see and understand things within the camera range. This will be more sophisticated in the coming years, with its applications rising in the healthcare and gaming sectors. 

    AR will continue to be very much relevant in shopping and retail since giving consumers a virtual option to shop has been an important trend for retail industry players, such as American Apparel, Uniqlo, Lacoste, Kohls, Sephora. Others have made virtual fitting rooms a reality for their customers. This allows customers to gain a try-before-you-buy experience from home. This is especially important due to the way social distancing policies affect retail during the COVID-19 pandemic. AR is in a great position to resolve this problem.

    This doesn’t just apply to apparel. IKEA’s app allows customers to see what furniture and other products might look like in their own homes using AR technology. The possibilities don’t stop at home on consumers’ cell phones. While in-store, smart mirrors and RFID tags open up new avenues for product suggestions to customers. Therefore, you should get started on your AR app development and other AR plans since it will offer many benefits for your business in 2022. 

    ar in business

    Trends in Virtual Reality 

    The 2022 technology that many people are excited about is the metaverse, which requires virtual reality development expertise to create. However, the great thing about the metaverse is that it will provide more immersive experiences and connect people all over the world. For example, of the things you can expect to see in 2022 is the virtualization of your office environment in the metaverse. Even though you and your coworkers may be spread out all over the world, you will all be able to put on a VR helmet and meet together in the metaverse as if you were in a room together. 

    In general, metaverse services will open up new possibilities for the everyday experiences we enjoy. For example, if you enjoy playing video games, you will actually be able to step into games like Fortnite, Halo Minecraft, and anything other game that supports the metaverse and actually experience the action in a way regular game controllers cannot match. The same is true with things like shopping. The metaverse will offer limitless options for both retailers and consumers. In fact, a metaverse shopping center would fit in naturally with the gaming and entertainment industries. Video game companies like Epic Games and Roblox have been early leaders in metaverse-like realities. Video games and retail are already linked in that players can often buy weapons, apparel, or currency within a game. Luxury brand Balenciaga brought digital garments to Fortnite. The worlds are closely intertwined.

    The metaverse may still be a relatively new technology in 2022, but virtual reality solutions can really help your business capitalize on this growing trend. 

    PlayStation VR

    Trends in 3D Modeling 

    At the moment, users can access digital spaces with the help of a special visor and a pair of controllers. Sure, there were some experiments with VR gear based entirely on motion sensors, but they showed only limited success at the moment. How does the future of 3D modeling come into play? Interactivity. Modern 3D modeling software can create fully interactable photorealistic models and environments. This can potentially allow users to experience the virtual reality that is indistinguishable from our reality and even “full-dive” with all senses artificially stimulated.

    So the writing is on the wall – 3d modeling for business is growing, and our future definitely lies in merging real and digital worlds. As for the future of 3D modeling, we already see the evolution of how it’s being done. The industry improves yearly from manipulating basic shapes to polygon modeling to 3D sculpting. And currently, there are new ways to create 3D models – with VR and AR. There would be no need for high-end PCs in the near future, as you’ll be able to create CGI on the go with hologram projections or with immersive gear. It will require some skill, as it should, but with futuristic technology, anybody can become a 3D modeling specialist. 

    3d body parts

    Trends in AI 

    One of the most interesting technology trends in 2022 is AI. Perhaps NLP technology is the hottest AI trend to look for next year and possibly the next few years. And this is not a pseudoscientific theory about the manipulation of human consciousness, but Natural Language Processing – natural language processing. This area includes everything related to speech analytics, speech processing, and synthesis. Simply put – what allows people and machines to communicate and interact without intermediaries.

    NLP is the underlying technology that can be used to create digital products. Smart spam filters, message classifiers, user reviews and requests, chatbots, Siri, Alice, and voice-controlled smart household items all work thanks to NLP technology.

    ai process

    Trends in Cybersecurity

    Among the top tech trends, 2022 is cybersecurity, and the technology in 2022 that you can expect to see is something called the cybersecurity mesh. The concept of hybrid workplaces requires the development of new methods of cybersecurity: networks become distributed, enterprise assets to be protected extend beyond the corporate security perimeter.

    Next year, companies will increasingly transfer their information assets to the cloud, an increasing share of corporate data will be stored on all kinds of devices of teleworking employees. In this regard, the bar of requirements for corporate data security will also rise higher and higher. Businesses will move from massive centralized cybersecurity solutions designed to build a wall around the office to flexible, distributed solutions that protect information assets whether they are on or off the corporate network.

    big data security

    Trends in Distributive Enterprise 

    Earlier, we talked about new technology coming out in 2022, called the metaverse, and how it could revolutionize the way we work. The metaverse can be a part of the distributive enterprise, which is a geographically distributed work model. At the same time, organizing the work of employees in a remote or hybrid format requires a radical restructuring of such key business processes as data storage, providing users with access to corporate resources, and ensuring information security.

    The concept of a geographically distributed enterprise essentially combines a number of popular technologies and practices:

    • Software-defined SD-WANs
    • Cloud platforms (primarily as application platforms, not infrastructure platforms)
    • Centralized management
    • A new level of corporate information security

    Due to the consequences of the pandemic, this trend was reflected in the activities of enterprises all over the world. Companies have mastered cloud platforms and information security tools quite well of the technologies that form the basis of this trend. The faster the companies that raised the import substitution flag go to the clouds, the faster the market will respond to this challenge with a domestic proposal for SD-WAN.

    investing in blockchain technology

    Get an Early Start on Trendy Technology in 2022

    While all of the technologies we talked about certainly offer a lot of benefits to both businesses and consumers, companies need to make sure that they have the needed technical expertise to build the needed solutions. Skywell Software has extensive expertise in developing AR, VR, and 3D modeling solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 

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