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    Pros and Cons of Augmented Reality in Different Industries

    Pros and Cons of Augmented Reality in Different Industries

    Tracy Watson


    8 min read

    pros and cons of augmented reality

    Ever since the release of Pokemon Go in 2016, augmented reality has really taken off among users prompting a lot of companies to start developing apps that include AR features. This opens a whole new world of possibilities for individual users as well as businesses to start using AR technology to help make their lives simpler and increase business growth. However, even though there is plenty of advantage of AR, there are some downsides as well. In this article, we will take a look at the pros and cons of technology in various industries so that you can make a more informed decision.

    AR in the Medical Industry

    AR offers a wide array of benefits for both patients and doctors as well:

    1. Better routine care – This includes everything from simple blood tests and all the way to surgeries. For example, even experienced doctors can have trouble finding veins in the patient, causing additional discomfort. Augmented reality programming services have developed an AR solution that solves this problem once and for all, called AcuVein.
    2. Assisting doctors – Also, new tools have been created to help doctors during surgeries by allowing them to be constantly aware of patient data during the procedure. All of the X-rays and MRIs can be combined into a single view, which will be displayed in 2D format.
    3. Interactive education – Before AR, doctors had to read books and journals to get an understanding of the material. Nowadays, there are AR visualizations that present this knowledge in greater detail. In fact, a lot of hospitals and medical schools are using AR for more effective doctor training.

    Perhaps the only downside to AR in healthcare is that it can become addictive. Since it offers a greater level of immersion than regular apps, people can become addicted to specific apps. This can cause a lot of negative effects on their health if the user is not controlled.

    augmented reality disadvantages

    AR in the Education Industry

    Both students and teachers love the benefits of augmented reality in education, which include:

    1. Interactive textbooks – Reading textbooks for many hours is one of the most dreadful activities for pretty much any student. However, thanks to AR, the material contained in the textbook comes to life. All the student has to do is point their smartphone camera at the cover or page of the textbook, and they can see an interactive visualization of the subject matter.
    2. Help with homework – When students leave the classroom, they often have to deal with homework problems on their own. However, thanks to AR, students can get help with their assignments, even when there is no teacher around. They can point their phone or tablets at the worksheet, and immediately all kinds of hints and essential information will pop out.
    3. Safer lab experiments – When students conduct chemistry and other experiments that involve chemicals and dissection, there are many safety procedures that need to be followed. In a traditional classroom setting, this can be hard to control, but with AR, students are always safe even when something goes wrong.

    One of the biggest downsides of using AR in the classroom is that it deteriorates human connections. For example, if we use the lab experiment example mentioned above, students usually have to work with a partner and interact with each other. With AR, it’s just them and the software. There are also some functionality issues that have to be considered, as well. If something goes wrong with the AR software, learning activities are stopped until the problems are fixed.

    AR in the Tourism Industry

    We all remember the days when we would travel to another country and walk around with a map trying to figure out where all of the landmarks are located. Thanks to AR, those days are long gone. Additionally, AR offers additional benefits, such as:

    benefits of augmented reality
    1. Better navigation – If you love using apps like Google Maps for getting around, you will love the AR version of them as well. Basically, it superimposes direction and details on display, rather than just presenting you with a map.
    2. Information about sites – When you are walking about the city, the AR app can automatically send you notifications about any landmarks or important sites nearby. It can also provide users with all kinds of information about a particular building or location as well.
    3. Deciding where to go – While it is possible to read all kinds of brochures and magazines about a particular city or site, it does not quite paint the same picture as experiencing it for yourself. AR gives you the ability to get a glimpse of the location you are considering to see if it is worth traveling to.

    We mentioned using AR for navigation earlier on, but augmented reality disadvantages in this regard is that it can be unsafe because users are engrossed in their devices and are not aware of traffic and other hazards as they are walking.

    AR has Something for Everyone

    Businesses across industries are already incorporating AR into their service offering. This allows them to build more meaningful and longer-lasting connections with their customers by providing them with tailored services or products. This is something that is becoming indispensable in the modern-day experience economy and can help your business stand out among the competition.

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