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    Top 10 JavaScript Testing and Debugging Tools in 2019

    Top 10 JavaScript Testing and Debugging Tools in 2019

    Tracy Watson


    8 min read

    javascript test tools

    We all understand the need to test JavaScript code. It is the only way of making that everything is working correctly inside the browser. There are a lot of JavaScript test tools to choose from when it comes to testing to include functionality on Node.js, Angular, React, and other frameworks. Before we get into the tools themselves, it is essential to understand that there are many types of testing, such as:

    • Unit testing – This is where individual components/units are tested to make sure that each one functions correctly.
    • Integration testing – The individual units are combined and tested as a single unit. The purpose of this test is to make sure that all of the separate components interact with each other as intended.
    • Functionality testing – The entire system is tested against the functionality requirements. This is done by inputting some values into all of the functions/features and observing what the output will be.

    While there are many other types of testing, let’s take a look at some of the tools that are used to test JavaScript.

    Top 10 JavaScript Testing Tools

    1. AVA

    There are many reasons why AVA is a good choice to test JavaScript. You can use it to perform testing of Node.js code. It has a concise API, provides support for new languages and many other benefits. Testers love this tool because it offers excellent speed, so they can run many tests at once and has simple test syntax.

    2. Cucumber.js

    Cucumber.js runs on both Node.js versions and as well as modern web browsers. It is great for testing because it offers easy and timely communication between team members and the option to run automated tests in “plain languages,” i.e., it can easily be read by anyone involved in the testing. However, this communication could be improved because Cucumber is an executable file used to perform testing and will not work when installed globally.

    3. Enzyme

    This is a testing utility for the React.js UI library. It gives developers the ability to adjust and simulate the runtime depending on the output. Its API is very similar to that of jQuery for document object modeling (DOM) altering and traversal. It is also possible to use Enzyme to test React Native features as well.

    test javascript

    4. Karma

    This is one of the great JS testing tools because it allows for code execution in many browsers, including mobile ones as well. One of Karma’s most significant advantages is that there is no need to set a whole bunch of configurations. Instead, developers can simply create the code and get feedback from the testing right away.

    5. Jasmine

    Jasmine is often referred to as the “behavior-driven” JavaScript testing framework. It is not dependent on any other JavaScript framework and does not require a DOM. Its syntax allows for easy test writing, and it is great for custom website programming, projects involving Node.js, and pretty much anything else that runs on Java.

    6. Jest

    Jest is viewed by many industry professionals as being a comprehensive JavaScript debugging tool. In fact, it does not even require configuration. It will work straight out of the box. It is possible to conduct many tests at once, with previously failed tests performed first. Jest is compatible with popular JavaScript technologies such as Angular, Node.js, Babel, and Vue.

    7. Luna

    There are many different opinions about Luna because it offers many advantages such the ability to run unit testing in minutes, it provides code coverage reports without the need to install any additional modules and no configuration required. However, it does not offer transpiling, meaning that you will not be able to use it with CoffeeScript or TypeScript and does not support older browsers as well.

    8. Mocha

    Mocha provides a lot of features that can be run on both Node.js and in browsers. Most importantly, it gives developers the ability to test asynchronous code simply and easily. One of the reasons for this is because the tests are performed serially, which allows for accurate and flexible reporting while still being able to map unnoticed exceptions.

    9. Protractor

    Protractor is a comprehensive framework for testing Angular.js and its successor Angular. The tests are performed against the apps in the browser with Protractor interacting with the app just like a regular person would.

    javascript testing frameworks

    10. QUnit

    This is a unit testing framework for projects that use jQuery. Interestingly enough, QUnit was created by the investor jQuery, John Resig. It is quick and easy to use with an extensible API that can be used to test any JavaScript code. In the event of a failed test, QUnit provides for expedient and detailed feedback so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

    Regardless of the tools that you choose, make sure that it is comfortable to use by all members of the team because even a single bug that goes unnoticed during testing and is sent out to the users can be disastrous for your product. It is desirable to conduct both automated and manual testing because there are many possible places where a bug can exist, so it is a good idea to have human testers involved in the process as well. Your choice of tools will also depend on your unique project requirements since you might need certain features such as transpiling, plain language testing, and so on. Therefore, carefully evaluate all of the options out there, because it could be too much of hassle to change tools in the middle of the process.

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