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    Top 5 Features Business Apps Should Have in 2019

    Top 5 Features Business Apps Should Have in 2019

    Ilya Dudkin


    7 min read

    Business Apps

    Mobile app usage is on the rise among consumers and businesses thus making mobile apps a necessary business asset. Having a good mobile app can do wonders for your business such as growing brand awareness, user interaction and increased sales since the user is spending more time on their mobile devices instead of desktop computers. As people are starting to prefer mobile devices, they are also expecting more and more features from the apps that they are using. In today’s crowded marketplace, you need to have features that make your app(s) stand out. We have assembled the top 5 features that the best business apps have in common so that you can incorporate them into your business app. 

    • Deep Integration With Location-Based Services

    This is perhaps the most important feature any business application can leverage. Since you have access to the GPS on the phones of your users, you are aware of their location and can, therefore, provide them with personalized, location-based content such as promotional offers and coupons. You can also provide them with on-demand services much more easily and have them communicate with other users within the same geographic area. Therefore, being aware of the user’s location will be very useful to you and the user as well. 

    Business Application
    • Offline Access Optimization

    This is where mobile apps have a huge advantage over websites. Since the app is running on the user’s phone it can do many things within the user’s interface without being connected to the internet. Therefore, developers really need to leverage this functionality by allowing the users to perform all kinds of actions offline while queuing up information at the same time. This way everything the user does offline will be saved until a good internet connection is restored. This could be something like syncing a local database on their phones with the one in the cloud, thus allowing users to edit the last known piece of content. 

    • Touch and Face ID

    This is one of the features that many apps for business overlook. While it is true that these technologies can be used on all mobile devices, if you plan to develop a mobile app for your business on iOS you can really take advantage of this feature. Both Touch and Face ID allow the user to sign into their apps faster and it is pretty easy to incorporate as far as development is concerned. Anything that you can do to make the users’ lives easier and enhance their experience should definitely be included in your mobile app and your users will thank you with return business. 

    • Push Notifications

    While this one may seem obvious, many companies do not include push notifications in their business app features. Having said this, you still have to use push notifications properly. Since push notifications are a great way to get the user’s attention, companies are using every excuse they can to send out a push notification. This can result in burnout, causing the user to turn off push notifications altogether. Therefore, be sure to use push notifications to enhance the user experience and notify the user about important matters such as updates and alerts. 

    Apps for Business
    • Gamification

    Nowadays, social rankings are important like never before, especially among millennials, therefore adding a game element to your app is a great way to increase app views. This can be as simple as a daily reward for doing something, allowing other users an opportunity to upvote or like something or a point system that rewards app usage. It is much easier to keep track of user engagement on an app as opposed to a website because the latter requires a user login or pixel to track user interactions. 


    We hope this list of mobile app features will help you build amazing apps this year, in 2020 and beyond. Surprising, good application features are really common sense things that must be included in mobile apps today in order to stay competitive on the market today, but for some reason are overlooked. Therefore, when you are developing your core and unique features, be sure to keep in mind the simple, obvious things that the users are demanding and be sure to include them into your next release. 

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