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    Top 5 Weird and Unusual Apps

    Top 5 Weird and Unusual Apps

    Ilya Dudkin


    7 min read

    unusual android apps

    There are a lot of rare apps each offering some whacky services or features that may seem unusual, strange and completely unnecessary. However, since they were created and money was spent to develop these unusual apps, therefore there must be a demand to justify their creation. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest apps that are available to be downloaded today.

    1. Fake Conversation

    We all have been in situations where we said to ourselves: “How am I going to get out of this one”? Well, you are in luck because this could be the perfect excuse you need to get out of any situation. For example, let’s say you met someone on the street and the conversation just drags on and on. This app allows you to call yourself and, what sets it apart from other weird apps that offer a similar service is that it sells the fake conversation much better.

    After you receive the fake call, the app will play pre-recorded audio instructions that you must repeat in order to convince the other person that the conversation is real. Most other competing apps only offer you an opportunity to impress someone else by pretending that you are a firefighter, doctor lawyer or someone else who does not have a second to waste on side conversations. This rare application gem is available for download on both Android and iOS.

    unusual iphone apps

    2. aSmart HUD

    We all love to use the GPS navigation apps, but one of the weirdest apps ever is a GPS app that displays all navigational data as mirrored reflection. When we are driving, we usually mount our phones on the dashboard, but with this app, the screen is reflected on your windshield, so you do not have to look down at your phone. It’s one of those weird apps for iPhone and Android that could get you from point A to B quickly and safely.

    3. Weird Type

    From the exciting world of AR apps development comes an app that lets you write in mid-air. They can also take photos with text, layer images with type, actually walk through the text they created and much more. It is one of those cool but unusual iPhone apps that are creative, and addictive. It really allows people to unleash the artist that is inside of them, but with augmented reality, everything that you have drawn can be interacted with.

    unusual apps

    4. Wikitude

    For those of you, that know a lot of “useless” information and random facts AR apps development can give you more of what you love by providing you with information about what is around you and we are not talking about famous sites and landmarks. It will give you details about every building or even object you point your camera. For Emile, if you point your camera at a book on the store shelf, it will give you a short synopsis of the book and offer you the opportunity to purchase the book online. It’s one of those apps that can be fun but weird at the same time.

    5. Nothing

    Companies spend a lot of money on custom mobile apps making sure that all the features are working, there are no bugs etc. However, once in a while there are some apps that come along and make you scratch your head. There is an app out there that does absolutely nothing. In fact, it does not even have a logo. When the app is launched, a blank screen shows up and then nothing happens. Not only this is one of the most unusual Android apps ever made, what’s more, interesting is that there is a Pro version of the app that takes nothing to a whole new level. For $0.99 you can download the Pro version on the Android Marketplace that brings you even more nothing.

    Many of these apps are really weird, but what they show us is that there is a customer for every product out there. There is somebody who needs fake phone calls, reflected GPS navigation and in some extreme cases they just need nothing and they are willing to pay for it. While it is difficult to understand why some of them were made and what the thought process behind them was, you can try them out for yourself and perhaps you will be able to uncover the logic that lurks beneath them.

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