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    Transform Your Business with The Help of a 3D Website

    Transform Your Business with The Help of a 3D Website

    Ilya Dudkin


    6 min read

    3d websites

    Most people have heard of 3D TV where you put on special glasses and images leap out of the TV into your living room. Now, imagine browsing the web in 3D. If you are wondering how is this possible and perhaps more importantly what can it do for your business, let’s take a closer look.

    What is a 3D Website?

    Currently, when you pull up a webpage you are basically looking at a flat surface with words and pictures on it. Now imagine that you can leap inside the webpage you are viewing and experience everything in 3D. For example, let’s say you would like to buy a new handbag. You visit the merchant’s website and it takes you to the virtual showroom. With a 3D website, you will be able to step inside the showroom, walk around and look at all the handbags just like in a real-life showroom. You will be able to open up the handbags, see all of the various compartments, make sure it matches your favorite outfit, determine whether or not it can handle your daily routine and much more.

    What’s even better is that this business website development technology will be mobile as well. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is currently developing technology to produce a 3D screen.

    3d web design

    How to Make a 3D Website

    There are three ways to create your 3D web pages:

    • Self-contained HTML file
    • A web player along with JSON
    • An interactive 3D web app

    However, everything will depend on how you will use your website. If you plan to display a custom 3D model where visitors can view it from any angle, technology like this is developed in WebGL and the content can be treated like a regular YouTube video. If you would like to provide your visitors with 3D scenes such as virtual tours and product presentations, things get a bit complicated. The biggest complication is not so much for developers but for the audience since it requires users to download a plug-in which most users are reluctant to do.

    If you plan on using JavaScript for 3D web design, we recommend using the following libraries:

    • Three.js
    • Babylon.js
    • Cannon.js

    You will be pleasantly surprised at the power of modern JavaScript especially with support from WebGL and SVG/Canvas elements.

    3d web pages

    Practical Applications

    All the technologies mentioned above will fundamentally change the way we view websites. The practical applications are endless. Besides the shopping and 3D tours mentioned above, but also business meetings and ultimately the way we work. Nowadays, if someone cannot make it to a meeting, the best they can do is to call in on Skype. 3D web will allow each participant to be. Virtually present at the meeting, walk the halls of a building and participate in projects as if everybody was in the office.

    Based on current prototypes of 3D web browsers, not only will they be available to consumers in the near future, but they will change everything from web design to user interaction. From the business perspective, it will increase employee productivity and collaboration and help drive sales by giving prospective customers an unforgettable experience. Even in today’s technological age, customers are wary of buying something online even from the most trusted names in the business. The reason is not so much that they are afraid of scams or losing their money, but they are afraid of making an even small error in judgment and dealing with the hassle of returning it. They understand that they will get their money back and everything, but it is still a hassle to repack the item back in the box, driving to the post office and waiting for your money to be returned. There are things like clothes and shoes which are almost impossible to guess right in terms of the size even with all the standardized sizing charts. 3D websites will eliminate buyer remorse and drive customers back to your site.

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