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    Using Games for Business to Increase Employee Job Performance

    Using Games for Business to Increase Employee Job Performance

    Tracy Watson


    7 min read

    games for business

    There is a common misconception that the work environment should be strictly about business, and there is no room for fun and games. However, such thinking is outdated as the Rolodex. AR and VR games are already being widely used by companies to help train their employees since it offers them a safe, immersive, and lifelike experience where they can practice what they learned. Today we will take a look at some of the benefits of playing video games and why you should start incorporating such games into your business practices if you have not done so already. 

    Reducing Risk in High Stakes Situations

    If we think back to a time before AR/VR solutions, trainees would have to picture the scenario the instructor was describing for themselves, and it was very difficult for them to incorporate all of the high-risk elements. Both AR and VR shifts this burden away from the employee and replaces it with a realistic environment. Therefore, AR/VR solutions would be of great use to first responders who are dealing with life-threatening situations. Still, they can also be useful for high-stakes business negotiations where everything needs to go right. Let’s explore the benefits of business simulation games a little more closely. 

    competitive strategy games for businesses

    Diversity, Inclusion and Harassment Training 

    Providing employees with diversity, inclusion, and harassment training has become very important for companies over the past few years. However, the training was usually just limited to reading a set of rules and maybe acting out possible scenarios. Needless to say, such an approach falls short of providing employees with the information they need to know. The biggest benefit of playing video games is that the hypothetical situations can now become real ones. The solution can take into account hard to detect nuances that usually exist in such scenarios, and you can practice techniques such as bystander intervention and many other ones as well. 

    Improving Customer Service Experience

    Retail stores can also reap all of the benefits of business simulation games since it can improve the quality of their customer service. Every company has its own rules and procedures on how to deal with disgruntled customers and how the employee should act in these situations. However, many retailers found out that using VR to practice engaging with the customers in such cases is much more effective. Companies like Walmart are also using VR to help prepare employees for busy shopping seasons since it is hard to replicate that kind of environment without VR. 

    Games That Improve Business Skills 

    Business professionals looking to improve their managerial, presentation, negotiating, or any other business skills can benefit from serious game development since it can help them improve and take their careers to the next level. For example, competitive strategy games for businesses can allow C-suite executives to realistically pay out negotiations and work out possible scenarios of implementing their decisions. Business games playing can take all of the guesswork out of your preparation and allow you to make more accurate decisions. 

    games that improve business skills

    Promotional Games 

    Companies are using both AR and VR to create promotional games for businesses to increase brand awareness and bring in more customers. This is one of the best ways of increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and engaging with your audience to attract tons of potential customers. Advertising on the internet is becoming so cluttered that the users are overwhelmed by all of the information. Creating a promotion game can help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate your brand with a fun AR or VR promotional game. Such gamification elements will also allow you to generate more demand for your products and show off your latest products and discounts. 

    Start Incorporating Gaming Into Your Business Environment 

    Gamification at the workplace might be what you are looking for to help your employees hone their skills. AR and VR technologies allow you to take out all of the pressure that exists in real-life situations and implement a fun and learning environment. If you have resorted to PowerPoint presentations, watching instructional videos, or role-playing certain situations, you will be amazed at how gaming surpass these outdated methods and provide your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. 

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