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    How Virtual Reality Movies are Keeping the Industry Going During the Crisis

    How Virtual Reality Movies are Keeping the Industry Going During the Crisis

    Tracy Watson


    7 min read

    vr movies

    With all of the lockdown measures in place in many parts of the world, movie theaters and the cinema industry at large are going through a tough time. One of the technologies that can help excite viewers about upcoming films in virtual reality. We have already seen VR being used in movies like Steven Spielberg’s “Ready Player One” and we can expect VR to play a more significant role in helping the viewers enjoy their movie-watching experience. Let’s take a look at how Hollywood is using VR filming to bring the action on the screen to life. 

    Using Virtual Cameras

    A great example of VR cinema is the second Stars Wars Trilogy. For example, if we look at Solo: A Star Wars Story, George Lucas used virtual cameras to create more realistic camera movements during battles in space. This is very important since the audience needs to feel as if they are on the spaceship itself, making the camera work critical. A more challenging VR filmmaking project was the remake of The Lion King. To make the action more realistic, lions in Africa were filmed with virtual cameras, and the images were reproduced on a sound stage in the US. The director and everybody who was involved in the filming process could put on a headset and walk with the lions to produce a realistic experience. These are some of the most interesting examples of virtual reality filmmaking, but VR is also used in animations, so let’s explore this next.

    Making the Movies Accessible Anywhere

    Since people may be reluctant to make a trip to the movie theater, a VR movies app can help viewers enjoy their favorite content. VR movie streaming is already available from industry giants like Disney and Netflix that offer a wide selection of virtual reality headset movies compatible with Oculus Rift, Steam and Oculus Gear VR, and many other headsets. Thanks to movies for VR glasses, you can set up your own personal movie theater anywhere you want and enjoy the immersive experience that VR offers. 

    virtual reality filmmaking


    Animation has really come a long way over the past century since all of Disney characters’ handmade drawings in the 1940s. All of these characters are a lot more realistic thanks to multiplane animation, fully rendered movies, and many other techniques. Virtual reality has already been used in animated movies like Lost, which was an exciting movie by Oculus Story Studio. Viewers can enjoy such movies in VR since they can put on a headset and feel like they are interacting with Mickey Mouse or any other character. The artists creating the characters can also benefit from VR in cinema since their creations can come to life in front of them and better understand whether or not the audience will enjoy them. 

    Promoting the Movies

    While making the movie is important, you also need to convince people that the movie is worth watching since they need to pay money to see it. A great example of this is The Martian, which was a great VR headset movie because it allowed people to experience Mars in virtual reality. The promotional team created an interactive game where the user would put on a headset, and they would be transported to Mars, which would have the realistic surface of the red planet. 

    VR is the Future of Filmmaking

    One of the constants that we have seen from the examples above is the added value that virtual reality in movies offers everybody involved. Movie creators filming VR content can better understand how the audience will react to the movie when it is released. The audience watching movies in the future or any other genre can be immersed in the content allowing for experiences that can only be enjoyed with VR. Finally, people can enjoy their favorite movies anywhere at any time thanks to a VR cinema app, which adds to the convenience. All of these reasons combined are what makes VR the future of cinema. 

    virtual reality cinema

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