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Apple Pay Cash Launches in Beta, Bill Gates to Build Smart City in Arizona, and more

Apple Pay Cash Launches in Beta, Bill Gates to Build Smart City in Arizona, and more
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1) Apple Pay Cash Launched In Beta

Apple Pay Cash Launched In Beta

A major Apple Pay feature that was announced earlier this year has gone live in beta. Apple Pay Cash enables users to send and receive money in iMessages on iPhones. The feature has been launched in beta on Tuesday, enabling person-to-person payments in the iMessage app. The public beta of this feature has been launched today on iOS 11.2 and users can opt in for it via the iOS Public Beta program.

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2) Twitter is rolling out 280-character tweets around the world

Twitter is rolling out 280-character tweets

In most of the world, the iconic 140-character tweet is now officially a thing of the past. Twitter said today that after a global test, 280-character tweets will roll out to users around the world. Longer tweets will now be the standard in every language where Twitter is available save for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, where the 140-character limit will still apply. (The company says Asian languages fit more thoughts into fewer characters; the average length of a tweet in Japanese is 15 characters.)

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3) Tesla is about to reveal its first electric big-rig — here’s what to look for

Tesla will reveal its big-rig semi-trailer

Tesla will reveal its big-rig semi-trailer in Los Angeles next week, and I’ll be at SpaceX headquarters to check it out.

The Tesla semi was anything but a 10-4-good-buddy move for Tesla. While many observers expected a pickup truck to join the carmaker’s lineup of all-electric cars, the big rig was a surprise.

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4) Bitcoin cash price rise briefly sent market cap overtaking Ethereum as bitcoin price fall continues

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash has shot above $1,900 according to coinmarketcap, more than double its value on Friday when it had already hit a three-month high.

It has been sent higher of the back of a proposed bitcoin fork being suspended.

The Segwit2x split was called off due to a lack of agreement in the bitcoin community. A previous split of the bitcoin blockchain has already gone ahead and created bitcoin cash.

Meanwhile bitcoin plunged below $6,000 early on Sunday morning, though has regained some ground and was at $6,224 at pixel time.

5) Apple is nearly a trillion dollar company — here’s how it boosted its value by more than 50% with a great 2017

Tim Cook

The year isn’t over yet, but it’s already clear Apple has had an incredible 2017.

After a standout earnings report, the company’s market capitalization this week topped $900 billion for the first time ever. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t think Apple will soon become the world’s first trillion-dollar company; already this year, it’s stock is up more than 50%.

There’s a reason why the company is doing so well financially and its stock is booming — its product lineup is the strongest it’s had in years, with a breakthrough new iPhone, a refreshed Mac computer line, and a soon-to-launch smart speaker.

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6) Apple will release a software fix for iPhones that stop working in cold weather

Apple releases a software fix for iPhones
Apple said on Thursday that it’s looking into reports that the new iPhone X doesn’t work well in cold weather.

The issue first popped up on Reddit, where several commenters said they had encountered an issue that makes the iPhone’s screen unresponsive.

“It literally takes 2 seconds from going inside to the cold outdoors and my screen stops being very responsive. I try swiping on websites and it doesn’t register my finger,” wrote the original poster.

Source: Business Insider 

7) Billionaire ex-Facebook president Sean Parker unloads on Mark Zuckerberg and admits he helped build a monster

Ex-Facebook president Sean Parker

Sean Parker, the first president of Facebook, has a disturbing warning about the social network: “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

Speaking to the news website Axios, the entrepreneur and executive talked openly about what he perceives as the dangers of social media and how it exploits human “vulnerability.”

“The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them … was all about: ‘How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'” said Parker, who joined Facebook in 2004, when it was less than a year old.

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8) Bill Gates is Buying Land in Arizona to Build a “Smart City”

Smart City

An investment firm run by Bill Gates has put down $80 million to develop a planned community in Arizona. The 25,000 acres of land is about 45 minutes west of Phoenix, in an area called the West Valley. The community, which Gates wants to turn into a “smart city,” will be named Belmont.

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9) Alibaba Singles’ Day Sales Hit $8.6 Billion in First Hour

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. kicked off its annual Singles’ Day shopping bonanza, logging $8.6 billion in sales within the first hour.

Shoppers from at least 192 countries and regions swarmed the e-commerce giant to scoop up discounted lobster, iPhones and refrigerators, at a rate of as many as 256,000 transactions per second. The Chinese company hosted a star-studded gala enlisting tennis star Maria Sharapova and American rapper Pharrell Williams to pump sales. As the event got underway, 93 percent of transactions were done via mobile.

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10) YouTube to restrict ‘disturbing’ children’s videos, if flagged

YouTube to restrict 'disturbing' children's videos

YouTube is to restrict the availability of videos showing children’s characters in violent or sexual scenes if they are reported by viewers.

Last week, a blog post by writer James Bridle highlighted how YouTube was still being swamped by bizarre and indecent videos aimed at children.

The site says it already stops such videos earning advertising revenue.

YouTube said its team was “made up of parents who are committed to improving our apps and getting this right”.

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