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Elon Musk’s New Mars Colonization Plan, Instagram’s New Feature, YouTube’s New Ad Tools and other news

Elon Musk’s New Mars Colonization Plan, Instagram’s New Feature, YouTube’s New Ad Tools and other news
Anna Bazyma

It’s impossible to know everything. But it’s easy to be in touch with the latest tech news thanks to our digest.

1) Mars City: Human missions to space colony will start in 2024, Elon Musk says

Musk’s space exploration company SpaceX has laid out ambitious plans to establish a base on Mars after it unveiled a reusable rocket that it said could travel at speeds of up to 27,000 kilometres per hour (16,777 mph).

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2) Apple reports record number of U.S. national security requests

Apple reports record number of national security requests

The tech giant said it received between 13,250 and 13,499 U.S. national security orders during the first half of the year, according to its transparency report released on Thursday.

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3) Twitter has suspended hundreds of Russian-linked accounts

Twitter suspended hundreds of Russian-linked accounts

Twitter said it had suspended hundreds of Russian-linked accounts and would ramp up enforcement of its spam rules as it probes online campaigns to influence the 2016 US election.

Although the company’s disclosures in briefings to US congressional staff and a public blog post were its most detailed to date on the issue, Senator Mark Warner, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, called the company’s statements “deeply disappointing”.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk 


4) What happened in the city that banned Uber

What happened in the city that banned Uber

Uber’s new chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi will be in the UK on Tuesday for a meeting with Transport for London (TfL). He hopes the negotiations will stop the imminent revoking of his company’s license to run its ride-sharing business in the capital.

When TfL, backed by Mayor Sadiq Khan, announced Uber would no longer be allowed to operate, the service’s 3.5m users, and 40,000 drivers, were aghast.

Despite the very best efforts of the cab trade, Uber has become a valued way for Londoners to get around, particularly late at night.

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5) Cisco sends its employees fake phishing emails to train them not to click on malicious links

Cisco sends its employees fake phishing emails

Earlier this month, credit reporting company Equifax disclosed that hackers had accessed the names and social security numbers of approximately 143 million of its US customers.

The breach tarnished Equifax’s reputation, destroyed its stock and decimated its executive ranks.

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6) YouTube’s new ad tech automatically personalizes ads, can now target using Google Maps, app install data

YouTube's "Director Mix"

YouTube today introduced a series of new tools for marketers, one of the more notable being “Director Mix,” a technology that allows a company to create thousands of video ads tailored for different audiences all using a single creative asset. That is, the advertiser could upload a number of different voiceovers, backgrounds, and copy, and the system will then automatically create different versions of the video ad to match the advertiser’s various audience segments they’re targeting, explains Google in an announcement about the new technologies.

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7) Instagram now lets you limit who can comment on your pics

Instagram New Feature

Instagram is launching a handful of new tools to combat harassment and help its community members.

The first of those is much requested: the ability to limit who can comment on your photos. Instagram now gives everyone with a public account the ability to limit comments to only people they follow, only their followers, or both their followers and people they follow. Public and private accounts will continue to have the ability to turn off comments entirely, but it appears to still be on a post-by-post basis.

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8) Google Will Retool User Security in Wake of Political Hack

Google Will Retool User Security

The Alphabet Inc. company next month will begin offering a service called the Advanced Protection Program that places a collection of features onto accounts such as email, including a new block on third-party applications from accessing data. The program would effectively replace the need to use two-factor authentication to protect accounts with a pair of physical security keys. The company plans to market the product to corporate executives, politicians and others with heightened security concerns, these people said.

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9) How Walmart turned its $3.3 billion acquisition of Jet.com into its greatest weapon against Amazon

Walmart acquired Jet.com to chase a more specific customer

Walmart acquired Jet.com roughly one year ago. Jet executives say the acquisition has let them chase a more specific customer: the urban millennial.

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10) GoPro Launches Fusion 360-Degree Camera

GoPro Launches Fusion 360-Degree Camera

The company announced several new products at the launch, including its much-awaited Fusion 360-degree camera that can be used for both shooting virtual reality and capturing “traditional” footage. Fusion’s most exciting feature is “overcapture,” which lets users reconstruct specific images snapped with the 360-degree camera using the GoPro app. It also comes with “gimbal-like” stabilization for clear shots.

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