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    What is Rendering, its Benefits and Use Cases in 8 Industries

    What is Rendering, its Benefits and Use Cases in 8 Industries

    Tracy Watson


    9 min read

    house rendering

    When we look at all of the life-like images in games, movies, and even print media, we tend to think about them as 3D models. However, it would be correct to refer to them as rendered 3D graphics, usually depicted in regular 2D images. While modeling and rendering are different processes, they are both vital elements of the 3D workflow. Let’s first get a render definition, so we are all on the same page about what it is and then look at some use cases in various industries. 

    What is Rendering? 

    While rendering may sound like a complicated term, it simply means that you are using some software to create a digital representation of a physical object. If you are wondering how to render something, there many ways to do it:

    1. Rasterization – treating the model as a mesh of polygons;
    2. Ray Casting -casting rays onto the model from the camera’s point of view;
    3. Ray Tracing – the primary rays from the camera’s point of view are cast onto the models to produce secondary rays;
    4. Rendering Equation – this is an actual equation used to simulate how light is emitted more accurately in reality.

    Rendering Benefits and Use Cases in Different Industries

    There are many benefits of product rendering. First of all, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you can develop the concept, 3D modeling and rendering services will be able to render it in 3D. If you have a vision for a new product or design, you can visualize it for greater understanding, and you will be able to make changes in real-time. There are many other benefits of image rendering for each industry, so let’s take a look at some of those next. 

    house rendering

    Real Estate 

    The real estate industry has started to incorporate more and more 3D technologies into their daily work processes. The big benefit for realtors and their customers is the complete immersion in the images and information about a house or a building. For example, realtors can take advantage of house rendering to show their clients what the house looks like from any angle without actually having to visit the actual location. They can also show the layout of the floorplans in greater detail than blueprints or other drawings. 

    Interior Design 

    When describing your ideal interior to a designer, it can be difficult to put in words what you actually want. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. The interior designer can take the client’s ideas and create a 3D rendering of them, and the client can make any adjustments to it in real-time. This will save everybody a lot of time since it will be possible to create the ideal design a lot faster thanks to the visualizations. 


    We are used to some 3D aspects for movies where the characters pop out of the screen as if they were actually real. While this also involves 3D rendering because the 3D models are interspersed with live-action, this same technology has made it onto regular shows you watch every day. This is making shows that are not action-based a lot more exciting. For example, if you are watching Wheel of FortuneI, the 3D rendering can make it feel like you are a contestant solving the puzzle. 


    3D rendering has opened up new opportunities for things like prefabricated parts. This can be very useful since you will create a life-like depiction of a part, make the needed changes or adjustments, and then create the actual thing. This will save manufacturers and designers a lot of time and resources since it will be possible to create the part correctly the first time. We already see something like this with 3D printing, which is already being used in many manufacturing facilities. 


    Architectural rendering is starting to replace traditional drawings, and it offers a lot of benefits to construction companies and their clients. For example, in the past, if a particular detail were miscalculated or overlooked entirely, it would only be uncovered during the construction phase, causing all kinds of delays. Nowadays, architecture rendering allows construction managers to visualize every detail of an object and make the necessary changes before they become big problems. Also, since the changes are done in real-time, there is no need to waste time redrawing the designs. 

    architectural rendering


    There are many advantages 3D rendering can provide to healthcare professionals and their patients. The life-like images that can be created of any body part allow doctors to identify and diagnose various medical problems. 3D rendering can also be used to create anything from prosthetics to arch support for shoes. It can even be used to create parts to repair damaged organs. 

    Marketing and Advertising 

    Marketers enjoy creating materials that are more image-based than asking customers to read through wordy ads. This means that they often have to hire professional photographers to produce the images. 3D rendering can help marketers create the images a lot faster and cheaper than the cost of hiring a photographer. They can also change or adjust the images just like in a real photoshoot, which is less time-consuming. 


    Fashion brands rely on images to fully convey the uniqueness of their products, but the images on their websites usually do not get the job done. A better approach would be to render the image in 3D so the shopper can get a better understanding of what makes the item so special. This often leads to greater conversion rates since the rendered images provide a lot more information. 

    Start Incorporating 3D Rendering in Your Work Processes

    We mentioned a lot of benefits for companies in various industries, and Skywell Software can help your company realize these benefits as well. We have extensive experience rendering 3D images for businesses in multiple industries and can help you as well. Contact us today to learn more about 3D rendering and what we can do for you, or browse through our case studies to learn about the results we helped our clients achieve in the past. 

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