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    WebAR Virtual Catwalk Solution for Zhilyova Lingerie Brand

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    • Java Script

      Java Script

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    Zhilyova Lingerie — brand, founded by Lera Zhilyova. The brand uses exclusively high-quality European materials and components, remaining conscious and firm at each stage: from production and working conditions to materials’ quality. The brand opposes overproduction and excess waste. Zhilyova Lingerie stands for diversity, self-love, women empowerment, innovations, future, technology. The brand is distributed in Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, France, Latvia, Italy, the USA, Japan, Australia, and Russia.


    Zhilyova Lingerie was looking to enhance the online experience of their customers and fully convey the quality, uniqueness, and innovative designs of their products. They also wanted to help their customers overcome some of their fears and reservations about buying lingerie online since such items usually need to be tried on. This would be challenging since customers are usually browsing through all of the products on their computers or mobile devices, which only offer a 2D image of the items.


    Zhilyova Lingerie was looking to create a solution that allowed their customers to enjoy the in-store experience of trying on lingerie but online. This means the solution needs to provide life-like experiences to allow the customers to feel like they are actually holding the items in their hands. All of this would need to be done inside the users’ browsers which would increase revenue and the flow of new clients


    Skywell Software AR development company created an AR cross-browser solution without requiring the users to download any apps. Website visitors could view all of the products in up to 60 fps inside their browsers, which is one of the smoothest experiences possible inside a web platform. If the user accessed the website on their mobile device, the site supported both iOS and Android devices. Even if their phone or tablet did not offer ARCore support, they could still enjoy the website in all its glory. 

    All the users had to do was tap on the AR button, and all of the product information would pop up. The AR try-on technology was integrated into the site as well. Additional tech specs included: 

    • Compensational stabilization algorithm fixes image shaking of uncalibrated devices
    • Unlimited number of views
    • An unlimited number of videos may be set from the administration page


    Thanks to the solutions created by Skywell Software, Zhilyova Lingerie was able to increase their website’s conversion rates since the customers were able to view all of the lingerie sets on various models on a life-size scale. All of these experiences were integrated into the Zhilyova Lingerie website, which could be scaled in the future.

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