Advanced Safety
Protection Messenger

WEB: Java, Spring, Hibernate, ELK
MOB: Android and iOS native


Solution of the company needs for operational communication among employees and secure data exchange via mobile phones.


Considering business needs in mobile communications, we decided to develop an instant messenger that allows making calls, exchanging messages, audio and text files without fearing information leakage.


Before the development of this IT product, the team of information security experts thoroughly examined the strengths and weaknesses of available instant messengers. Our specialists revealed that most popular instant messengers used transit encryption, when the service provider is involved in the process of sending encrypted messages, and if it is compromised, the information security will be in jeopardy.

To solve this problem, we developed a mobile application with the use of the end-to-end encryption technology and local installation of the administrative elements on corporate servers.
In addition, we have provided
a number of useful functions:
  • 1
    Emergency-passwords that allow cleaning all the information and blocking the account in the event of an attempt to compromise the phone;
  • 2
    Restrictions on the time of storing the history of messages;
  • 3
    Ability to form groups with different access settings; make direct and group calls, send PUSH-notifications;
  • 4
    Display of statistical information about the operation of the system, users, their activities.
Our solution enabled the companies:
  • 1
    to make calls, exchange messages and files safely, without fearing data leakage.
  • 2
    to strengthen control over the transferred corporate data and communication among employees.
  • 3
    to exclude the possibility of saving multimedia files to personal media.
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