Custom Retail Software Solutions For Businesses - Skywell Software


Interactive loyalty system based on a proximity marketing which helps retail clients make more purchases


Web based

We help retailers to build efficient loyalty
programs through the mobile app


Our solution allows to collect information about
user behaviour and to do individually targeted marketing


We use iBeacon, Wi-Fi technology and other means of
getting information about our customer's location

With the help of the Omni channel ecosystem

your client receives more services, which will increase his loyalty


iBeacons. The iBeacon technology enables tracking of the customer’s current location.

Click and collect. This sales channel helps drive additional buyers since many people prefer to pick up the order by themselves.

Scan barcode to see the price anytime anywhere with price indication specifically for the customer.

Check out and pay with the smartphone. This way, the client gets not only fast service but also the purchase and spending history.

Promos with a discount or purchase vouchers that can be used during checkout.

In-store behaviour tracking: the system analyses locations in the store, which the customer prefers the most: the entrance, cash desk, etc.

Call a taxi with smartphone and choose the best route to wherever the customer is heading.

Customer behaviour tracking outside of the store. The system will create a relevant marketing message or offer based on the pre-defined scenarios.

Virtual seller/consultant

Marketing Gamification

Augmented Reality

Analytics Tools(Big Data)

How we work


Based on our experience of cooperation with global brands, we will examine your business and offer the best solution for you.


Our professional designers and marketers will create and implement a qualitative solution that will meet your requirements in full.


We will test the solution and as the result you will receive a ready-made solution for solving your problem and moving your business to new heights day by day.