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    How To Create Your Own Online Store?

    How To Create Your Own Online Store?

    Ilya Dudkin


    6 min read

    Do you want to create your own virtual trading platform? Well, in this case choosing a reliable and functional CMS platform, an “engine” of your online store, is the first strategic task you need to complete. The range of platforms is really wide, and sometimes it is rather difficult to come up with a good decision. Each platform has its pros.

    However, more and more online businesses tend to prefer Magento. Thus, according to recent research 24.6% of the most popular e-commerce sites use this CMS. What are its advantages? Skywell Software will tell you about it one by one.

    Magento e-commerce platform advantages:

    • Flexibility

    Magento is considered to be one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms. The system includes powerful marketing tools, search engine optimization tools, design tools, directory management tools, which enable you to create an online store that meets all the unique needs of your business. Other advantages are: multilingualism, the opportunity to work with several online stores using one admin panel. Therefore, Magento is of the leading e-commerce platforms for large and medium-sized businesses.

    • Wide range of marketing opportunities

    Magento is a reliable assistant when it comes to marketing activities. With its help you can quickly and easily control the prices, change the design of individual pages for promotions, add discounts, organize a variety of sales, do e-mail marketing activities with the latest information about new products, sales, etc.

    • SEO-friendly

    Using Magento it is easier to achieve high rankings in search engines. The system will create the XML map of the site that allows search engines to speed up the detection of a web resource, having a positive effect on attendance and sales.

    • Convenient admin panel and effective product management

    As far as administration is concerned, Magento also has a lot of useful options. They are: import and export of the products catalogue, adding categories and subcategories, sorting goods according to specific characteristics, monitoring the goods in stock. It is very convenient that for each article you can easily add multiple images, attach related and similar products. There is also the function of saving the shopping cart (it remembers customers and saves the order within a certain period).

    Another useful option is the possibility to track your order delivery. Easy navigation, a convenient selection of goods system, the filtering function and comparison function help users find the right product and get as much information about it as possible.

    Customers can evaluate the product taking into account several criteria. They can leave their feedbacks and manage a Wishlist. To make the ordering process easier, the user is shown the catalogue pages that he has visited before.

    • Accounting

    CMS allows you to track virtually any data, for example, info about the most popular goods and the best customers taking into account the number of orders. Beside the products in your shopping cart that have not been paid, there are reports on discount coupons, tags, reviews.

    • Ready-made templates

    Magento gives you a great opportunity to implement any design solution you like. There are more than 4,500 different extensions and themes that help create an individual style of your online store and add new features. Some solutions are paid, others are available for everyone.

    • Security

    Magento is CMS with a high level of security. Professional developers are constantly working on improving the system. In addition, the use of SSL certificates is a reliable guarantee of resistance to viruses.

    • World class brands choose Magento

    The platform operates many online stores of world famous brands: Tiffani & Co, Swarovski, Lenovo , Nestle, Bvlgari, Gucci, and others. The number of online stores that use Magento has already exceeded 90 thousand.

    So, If you decide to start an online store and want to be sure of its functionality and reliability, Magento is a good choice. And our Magento development team can help you with its customization and migration.

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