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    Magento Customization – Setting up Profitable Ecommerce Platform

    Magento Customization – Setting up Profitable Ecommerce Platform

    Tracy Watson


    7 min read

    magento customization

    Companies enjoy using Magento because it offers them a lot of options for creating a website that best suits their e-commerce business. The fact that Magento is very customizable is one of the main features so many businesses like it because as their business grows, you can simply add the features you need without abandoning the platform itself. Below we will take a look at some Magento customize options that you can implement in your business.

    Magento Theme Customization

    Even though Magento comes with some ready-made commercial themes built-in, they will not give your company the type of visibility or brand recognition that you are looking for. In order to give your e-commerce website some unique aspects that will provide the user with a tailored experience, you will need to use custom Magento themes. Before you start creating such themes, you will need to analyze what you already have on your website carefully. This includes things like the certain qualities of the products that you sell, how you are presenting them in your store, how many category levels you have, and other features. All of this will be taken into account when you are creating the user interface and a custom web solution. In order to better craft the user experience aspect of your site, you will have to do some more in-depth research into your customer base to better address their needs and expectations.

    Magento Extensions

    Just like with the theme templates, Magento has a lot of extensions that come built-in, but they will not be able to satisfy all of your needs as far as functionality is concerned. If you need some custom feature that is not covered by the included extensions, you create custom ones. The good thing about creating custom extensions is that you are not only satisfying your specific needs, but they will also continue to be improved and upgrade as long as you see fit. The extensions that come already installed can be abandoned by the creator, and they will no longer be maintained, and then you are out of luck. With custom made extensions, you don’t have this problem.

    For example, there are a lot of extensions out there for creating Magento custom forms. While you might enjoy using one of them, you might soon realize that you need more options or its not getting updated regularly and other issues. You can create a Magento custom option that will satisfy all of your needs, and it will always be there with you and grow along with your business.

    magento platforms

    Progressive Web App Standards

    The term progressive web app (PWA) has been thrown around a lot lately, but the reason that it is so popular is that it is an upgrade that the PWA-based Magento store can use to increase conversion rates. The benefits of this option include:

    • Provide increased data security – Your customers’ data is more secure because the progressive web app has an SSL certificate and HTML protocol built-in. This is particularly important with e-commerce since you will be handling sensitive information such as credit card numbers and birthdays and other personally identifiable information.
    • Better mobile compatibility – If your Magento store is based on a progressive web app, it can be installed on smartphones just like a regular app. Even though it is just a simple shortcut that will open your website in a browser, it still exists inside customer devices, which means that you can send them all kinds of reminders and notifications to increase conversion rates.
    • Faster page load – The speed is enhanced by data caching and will also help stabilize performance on some older devices. Your customers will also enjoy some offline activity as well. Even though an internet connection is still required to make a purchase, all of the catalogs’ data is cached, and they will be able to add an item to their cart even offline.
    magento e-commerce

    Magento Platforms Customization is the Way to Go

    We looked at a lot of Magento e-commerce customization options, but in specific ways, this is absolutely necessary since each business has its own unique needs. Even though they offer you the functionality you need at first, this will not last when your business grows, and you will need options. Therefore, it is a good idea to create an extension that will satisfy your specific needs and continue to upgrade it as your business advances to the next stages.

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