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    Python vs Node.js What to Choose for Web Development

    Python vs Node.js What to Choose for Web Development

    Ilya Dudkin


    9 min read

    node.js vs python

    There are many details that need to be nailed down before you even begin developing your web app and choosing the correct programming language should be at the top of your list. The language that you choose will ultimately end up dictate how you perform certain processes and how you plan out the workflow. Choosing the best language for backend development is even more critical since you will be using it to create server-side apps. While it is tempting to overlook this step since the end user will never see it anyway, it important to keep in mind that, in the end, this is what will keep your apps running smoothly.

    Considering everything that was mentioned above, what first comes to mind when discussing backend development are Python and Node.js. Let’s take a closer look at Node.js vs Python so you can make an informed decision when beginning your next project.

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    Node.js vs Python Performance

    Top-notch performance is the main thing we are looking for when choosing a programming language. Performance is determined by how fast your application responds to user commands which is directly affected by how fast your code is executed. When comparing Node.js vs Python speed, we immediately notice that Node.js is much faster since Node.js has Chrome’s V8 engine as its foundation, which is lightning quick and super powerful. These characteristics make it a top choice for web development services around the world. The speed of Node.js makes it the better choice when developing real-time applications such as messenger apps.

    It is also worth noting that Python does not perform very well in memory-intensive applications, which means that you should not use it to create apps that require heavy 3D graphics.

    python vs node.js

    Scalability and Concurrency

    Another thing you need to consider when deciding between Node.js and Python is the scalability. Your app needs to have the ability to fulfill the growing number of requests without compromising the performance. This is an absolute must if your app is content-heavy and you are serving an increasing number of new users be it on mobile or desktop.

    With Node.js you get an architecture consisting of one thread that is also asynchronous with I/O operations performed externally, without getting in the way of the thread. This may provide scalability for simple web apps, but, when creating more complex apps with multiple processes happening simultaneously, you will require more in-depth knowledge and attention.

    By default, Python does not support asynchronous programming, but it does support some routines with which you can achieve asynchronous programming. Therefore, even though on the surface, Python may not appear to be as scalable as Node.js, it has the tools with which such a level of scalability can be achieved.

    JavaScript vs Node.js

    There are many key differences between JavaScript and Node.js and the most important ones are listed below:

    1. JavaScript works with all browsers whereas Node.js provides a place where you can run JavaScript.
    2. JavaScript is usually used for all client-side activity such as business validation or dynamic page display. Node.js is mostly used for accessing an operating system’s non-blocking operations such as creating a shell script or getting some detailed hardware information on a single call.
    3. JavaScript can run on many engines such as Spider Monkey (Firefox), JavaScript Core (Safari) or V8 (Chrome). This makes JavaScript easy to write and insert into the proper browser. Node.js only supports the V8 engine.
    4. JavaScript normally follows the Java Programming Language standard, even though you might occasionally encounter some differences in the way the code is written. Node.js is written in C++.

    node js vs python speed

    Javascript vs Python

    Python is a programming language with dynamic semantics which can be implemented without extra effort. It is a scripting language used for creating web apps and it lets programmers use various styles for simple and complex programs.  

    JavaScript can be used to create dynamic web pages and it supports various programming paradigms such as object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming. It is often used in browsers to provide dynamic functionality that cannot be attained via regular HTML and CSS. JavaScript can support standard applications.  

    When comparing each programming language, we are nor attempting to prove that one is better than another. Each programming language has its strong suits and has its own cases where it would be better applied. Ultimately, your choice of programming will depend on many factors such as application type, industry, performance requirements, and many others. When the proper approach is taken, each programming language can provide consistent and effective results. However, once again it is important to stress the importance of selecting the propped programming language early on because it can be very costly and time-consuming to fix as the project progresses. Be sure to sit down and gather all the information necessary for each programming language along with the requirements for the app and make sure that it fits your needs.   


    Regardless of what you ultimately end up choosing, you will face many challenges. Try to find out if these difficulties are due to fact that you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole or that you simply do not have the necessary expertise to work with such a language. If you chose a programming language that does not fit the job, it is important to admit the mistake early on to avoid additional complications. For this reason, be sure to test everything early and often. If you do not have the personnel to the job, consider some additional training and deal with the growing pains that will come with the learning process.    

    Also, it is worth mentioning that even though you are working on developing a project, you will not always have a say in terms of which programming language you will be using. In certain cases, the client may set a requirement that they want all the coding done in a particular programming language and you just have to deal with it. On one hand, this may be good because the client might have a vision in terms of the requirements of their product and thus has invested time and effort into choosing the proper programming language. If this is the case, even though you may not have a lot of experience with this language, you have to persevere and learn on the fly, which is what happens in many developing environments anyway.

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