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    3D in Real Estate – Pros, Cons, Examples, and Challenges

    3D in Real Estate – Pros, Cons, Examples, and Challenges

    Tracy Watson


    12 min read

    3d for real estate

    3D real estate is quickly becoming one of the go-to tools for agents, shoppers, designers, and many other people working in the real estate industry. Since 3D real estate has so many practical applications, this shows us that it has an incredible amount of value, and you should consider implementing it in your business activities. Today, we will look at some of the ways 3D real estate is being used and how it’s making life a lot easier for everybody involved. 

    3D Virtual Tours Real Estate 

    When a real estate agent tells a client about a great new property, they will usually send over some pictures so the buyer can get an understanding of what the property looks like. If they like what they see, then the buyer will request a live tour of the house. Imagining being able to get rid of all these printed materials and being able to deliver life-like experiences to potential clients. This is one of the biggest advantages you get with 3D real estate tours. 

    A virtual tour is a visual tool that replicates the experience of visiting and walking through a property. Virtual tours, like video walkthroughs, 3D virtual tours, and interactive 360-degree virtual tours, allow prospective buyers to interact with the home and look at features in detail without having to be on-site and have become the norm along with using listing photos and floor plans. Agents use virtual tours to market their listings to out-of-town buyers, minimize the number of in-person showings, and set their listings apart from the competition.

    If you need to sell something that has not yet been built, present something that has not yet been created, develop technological and effective visual solutions to promote your business, a 3D property tour may be just the solution you are looking for. 

    3d real estate

    Creating the Perfect Interior Design 

    When thinking about the interior, you want to imagine it and see it, since any future mistakes can result in additional costs. Visualization allows minimizing miscalculations – images of the future interior. In addition, when you have pictures at hand, it is much easier to explain your wishes to builders and other specialists. A 3D modeling company will be able to take top-notch tools like ArchiCAD, 3DS Max, Maya and create animated videos while controlling all stages of work: from the frame model to the coloring of the bathroom rug. These programs can only be used by people who have the necessary experience with them. 

    All the advantages of 3d interior visualization can be recalculated for a very long time, but here are the main ones:

    1. Interior visualization is an exact copy of your premises. The entire room is created purely for the specified parameters, and therefore, you get an exact correspondence of the picture to the drawings. If you are a designer, 3D interior design will perfectly promote your product in the real estate market.
    2. It is possible to make adjustments at any stage of the design, but remember that many changes need to be discussed separately.
    3. Significant savings in time and money. It is easier to make additional edits and see the result on the monitor than to change the design after the completion of construction. In addition, interior visualization is used for the well-coordinated work of the construction team, so there is no need to explain your project’s vision many times because you can just show the picture.
    3d in real estate examples

    Visualizing Future Real Estate 

    One of the benefits of 3D real estate is that you can visualize projects that are still under construction. There are large-scale physical layouts, video-mapping, walkthrough tours in virtual reality or augmented reality Microsoft HoloLens headsets. Luxury real estate agents do their best to attract potential buyers of expensive apartments. One of the most convenient ways to demonstrate future housing could be a video wall screen. The buyer sees the details of the quarter under construction without needing extra equipment, and the agent manages a virtual tour with the help of a usual joystick.

    A detailed overview of all tour elements, from the outer surroundings of the blocks to the various interior options, gives a complete picture of the future residential quarter. Passing among green maples and lindens along the southern wall, a buyer can thoroughly study the architectural features and benefits of the project. In Virtual reality, you can come out to a quay to admire the majestic view of an ancient church and some modern buildings on the opposite bank or appreciate the convenience of parking and security of a cozy patio. Then enter the building and go up to the future apartment.

    Now that we have talked about the uses of 3D real estate let’s look at the pros and cons. 

    real estate 3d benefits

    What are the Pros and Cons of 3D Modeling? 

    3D models are extremely important in our world today since they greatly facilitate all kinds of real estate processes. 

    Therefore, let’s start with the benefits of 3D in real estate: 

    • Visualization – One of the biggest pros of 3D models lies in their ability to show the intention of what the creator wanted to create. For example, 3D real estate photography can help you attract more qualified prospects by giving viewers a complete representation of your property. 
    • More interactive experiences – With techniques like 3D scanning, real estate designers can create a virtual walkthrough of the property, generating higher engagement and interest. It is also possible to use 3D house pictures to showcase individual rooms or other features of the property as well. 
    • Increase sales – If you are still relying on print materials to sell properties, you will get much better results with 3D imaging for real estate. When you create a real estate 3D model of a property, you are basically showing off every detail in all of its glory, thus reaching levels print materials cannot match. 

    Now, let’s take a look at the challenges of 3D image real estate: 

    • High cost of development – Creating a 3D model of real estate will require significant financial to get all of the details exactly right. After, this may require things like 3d real estate cameras and other expensive equipment, not to mention development costs. The ultimate price will, of course, depend on the actual project. 
    • Creating real estate 3D is challenging – Modelling solutions and visual technology are as much an art as a science. The degree of creativity required in order to capture a facility properly using 3d photography for real estate requires very specific knowledge and expertise. 
    • The “why” can be challenging – Creating a 3D video for real estate or any other solution needs to be done with a purpose. Sometimes, something aesthetically appealing can be empty when you dig below the surface. Reality capture technology or modeling software needs to serve a specific utility, or else it becomes a glorified virtual tour. 
    3d room interior for vr visualization

    Consider Using 3D Showcase Real Estate With Your Projects

    Real estate is a massive industry, isn’t it? The utilization of technology in this industry is ineluctable to make the business pay off. This includes 3D videos for real estate and many other tools to help you reach your business goals. 3D modeling and rendering in the field of real estate have added a phenomenon for both real estate dealers and buyers. With this technology, a real estate agent can easily identify just visitors and actual clients. This will allow them to save their precious time and invest it in other effective activities.

    If you are looking to create a 360-degree real estate solution for your business or any other form of 3D modeling, consider trusting Skywell Software with all of your development needs. We have the necessary expertise already on staff to get your project started quickly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 

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