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    Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Partner for AR/VR Development

    Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Partner for AR/VR Development

    Jin Markov, Guest post author


    9 min read

    how to choose partner in development

    AR and VR are the most popular cutting-edge technologies used in the application development industry. The advantages of incorporating AR/VR in the app are many. But, an increase in customer engagement is the prime reason why businesses are competing in increased and better use of AR/VR. 

    Similarly, you will find so many companies that provide VR/AR services. That makes it very difficult for you to choose the one that will deliver the best app that your customer will engage with. However, to make it easy for you, here is a list of factors that will help you choose the right software development partner. 

    1. Experience

    If your business is planning to incorporate AR/VR for the first time, you are probably not aware of all the issues related to this domain. So, it is best if you hire the development partner having prior experience in AR/VR technology. 

    Assess the portfolio of the developer that you are considering to hire. Find a list of their projects. These will give you a fair idea of the experience level of the AR/VR app development company.

    An experienced company can effectively assist you during all stages of app creation. You can also leverage its experience in assessing the limitations of the technology, and how to overcome those. Apart from that, the developer can also help you explore innovative ways of implementing AR/VR in the app. 

    2. Feedback or Reviews 

    Particularly because the AR/VR technology is costly, it becomes essential to evaluate the available options and choose the best partner. You can’t waste your time and budget on trial and error! 

    But, the biggest concern is how to choose the best development partner from the highly competitive and vast market. 

    A review from an actual client is the most effective source of information on the quality of the developer. There are many sources to find reviews of the company you chose. Goodfirms is one such online research and review platform where you can check the reviews of the developer before hiring the company for your project. 

    Apart from that, you can ask the app developers for references from their past clients. It is essential to gather feedback from the clients on different aspects such as adherence to schedules, quality of the team, promptness and clarity in communication, understanding of GDPR compliance, etc.  

    tips for choosing ar vr developers for your project

    3. Resources

    Does your chosen AR/VR development partner have all the required technology and resources for your needs?  

    AR/VR solutions require the use of specialized tools and frameworks to support this technology. At the least, the company must have the necessary tools supporting the use of these. 

    Next, and most crucial factor is a dedicated team explicitly managing your project. This helps in keeping the communication error-free and accurate. A development partner that gives you a perfect package of skilled human resources is the best that you can get. 

    4. Technical Proficiency

    AR and VR technologies are widely used for apps related to gaming, IoT, wearables, education, and design. Along with innovation and expertise, the app developer must also have the technical proficiency to manage the technical intricacies of the AR/VR development process.

    It is also vital that your partner knew some of the best AR SDK platforms such as MAXST, ARToolKit, Apple ARKit, Vuforia, etc. 

    Good AR/VR company should also have excellent command over the UI/UX development concepts; AR apps need very robust UI/UX.

    AR/VR apps are technologically a challenge to develop, as very high-level performance is expected from them. Most of these apps are also very heavy, and so the scalability has to be planned. So, clarify all the concerns before you select the app development partner.

    choosing best partner for ar vr development

    5. Your Requirements

    Every project is unique. For developing an effective app, you must list down all your requirements accurately. When you have your needs clear, you should communicate these the company that you are considering for your project. 

    Next is to evaluate if the company understands these requirements. They should also be in a position to guide you on the feasibility of these requirements. This also includes correcting you when you are wrong in assessing the viability of your needs. 

    Throughout the app development, good developers must focus on your specific set of requirements. It is an added advantage if they have developed similar apps in the past. But this is not mandatory, as far as they have clarity of the expectations from the project and are confident of delivering the same. So, talk it out with the company!

    6. Competitive Edge

    So many businesses are competing with you for the same set of targeted customers. So, if you want your app to sell, it must be better than the others. For that, the chosen AR/VR firm must have a competitive edge over the others. 

    What gives developers a competitive edge? It is a collection of all the factors mentioned above in this article, and a lot more, that makes the company more successful compared to its peers. 

    software development partner

    The factors that make the company better than its competitors include a hard-working team, competitive pricing, quality products, adherence to timelines, on-time delivery, access to latest tools and technologies, awareness of market trends in AR/VR development, etc. 

    And, the most prominent factor that differentiates the best AR/VR companies from the rest is the post-development support. Even after the developers have delivered a great app, you will require updates to keep your application bug-free and secure. 

    Most average app developers do not offer post-launch continued support. The experienced ones offer packaged plans, which include the scope and pricing of post-development or post-launch support. So, don’t miss this factor!

    Wrapping Up!

    AR/VR apps are trending in the market. Customers appreciate this technology as it makes the app use attractive. So, you can’t miss the opportunity of developing an AR/VR app for the growth of your business. 

    These tips for selecting the best company will help you make the perfect decision.

    Guest Post Author Bio

    Jin Markov is a Content Writer with GoodFirms, a research firm in the USA. He loves learning about the trends in application development while sipping his favorite cup of coffee.

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