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    Augmented Reality for Events – Use Cases and Benefits

    Augmented Reality for Events – Use Cases and Benefits

    Tracy Watson


    7 min read

    augmented reality for event planning

    As AR continues to grow in popularity, it should not come to us as a surprise that this technology is becoming increasingly used to make events more enjoyable. AR can offer more benefits to events now more than ever before, given all of the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why augmented reality events are so popular and then examine some use cases.

    Benefits of Using AR Technology in the Event Industry

    There are many benefits AR can offer event-goers, such as: 

    • Add another level of excitement – If you are looking to raise the level of excitement up a notch, consider using AR for gamification of events. It’s a great way to make the event more interactive, and they can compete with their friends, which will only add to the fun they are having. 
    • Access to real-time information – Let’s say that someone is attending an event at a certain venue and wants to know where the reception area is or where a particular activity is going on. Instead of asking people, all they would have to do is point their smartphones to various parts of the room, and the AR app will provide them with the needed information. 
    • Easy visualization – Instead of asking the audience to picture an abstract concept or object, you can let them see it in AR. They will also be able to do this from home if they are unable to attend the event. 
    • Unique personal experience – Often, it is not possible for individual attendees to personally interact with a product or talk to a presenter since the time of the event is limited. Augmented reality for events can help you overcome this challenge by allowing anybody to interact with a person or product in AR. 
    • Improve brand awareness – One of the reasons augmented reality and events go so well together is that they can help you increase your brand’s overall awareness. Not only will you be able to provide unforgettable experiences at the event itself, but also they will have a chance to use your AR app afterward, which will serve as a constant reminder of your brand. 

    Now that we know about some of the benefits of augmented reality for event planning offers let’s look at some actual use cases. 

    augmented reality events

    Use Cases of AR for Events 

    The Mercedes Benz brand needed to convey all of the car owners’ emotions and experiences by buying their cars. Simply talking about the experience or showing videos about them does not quite deliver the intended message. This is why Mercedes decided to use AR to immerse the viewer in the story one Mercedes owner was telling by making the experience more realistic. This also allows event organizers to share the Mercedes owner’s emotions and let everybody in the room know that they can also experience such thrills if they purchase a Mercedes.  

    Another interesting use case is Unite LA’s art exhibit that allowed attendees to view artworks through augmented reality. Instead of traditional artwork, event planners placed blank canvases and posters in the event hall. People would walk around and point their smartphone camera at the canvases that revealed the artwork. AR also adds another dimension to the event since it can allow regular 2D images to pop out into lifelike experiences adding even more excitement to the event. Since such live events are not possible due to social distancing and other restrictions, this technology could offer both artists and art lovers an opportunity to present and experience new works. 

    gamification for events

    Consider Implementing AR Solutions at Your Next Event

    AR technology can be integrated into all aspects of event planning regardless of what it traditionally looks like. Nowadays, people expect unique and unforgettable experiences from the events they are attending, and using AR solutions could provide both event planners and attendees with exactly what they are looking for. Suppose you planning on conducting any marketing activities such as posters, presentations, booths, or anything else. In that case, AR could offer you more value and ROI than any marketing materials you bring with you. The level of excitement, immersion, and interaction is something that 2D images and print materials simply cannot compete with. 

    If you are looking for augmented reality development companies to create a product for your next event, consider contacting Skywell Software to do so. We have an extensive track record of success in actualizing AR projects of various complexities and in a wide variety of industries. Regardless of how imaginative your product is, we have the necessary expertise to make your vision a reality. 

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