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    Unbelievable Video Games Innovations to Watch for in 2020

    Unbelievable Video Games Innovations to Watch for in 2020

    Tracy Watson


    8 min read

    video game innovations

    Video games have really evolved since the days of Sega and Nintendo back in the early 1990s. There are so many unbelievable technologies that capture the user’s attention and provide an immersive experience that was previously thought to be impossible. While we looked at how gaming has changed over time in our previous article, the industry is rapidly changing, and new developments are happening all the time. Even VR and AR games have evolved. For example, body language has been used to enhance virtual characters.

    The industry has been able to hone existing technologies and implement new ones as well. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at emerging technologies in gaming to watch out for in 2020.

    1. Voice and Facial Recognition

    Voice control is great if you do not like to use a joystick or other hardware involved in gaming. While voice control has existed for quite a while now, we have reached the point where computers are advanced enough to detect and understand the directions from human beings accurately. Keep in mind that you can do more with voice control than simply turn on or off the device. You can perform advanced commands involve interacting with other gamers on social media, play something from your digital library, do a Google search, and much more. 

    Also, facial recognition solutions are now advanced enough to create an exact replica of yourself in the gaming world. The level of detail with which you can do this is also incredible. For example, if you would like your game character or avatar to have a particular facial expression, this is possible with the advance of facial recognition technology. 3D scanning and modeling technology have finally reached a level where we have complete control, and we can personalize our characters in any way we like. 

    2. Gesture Control

    If you enjoy video games but did not feel comfortable using a controller, you are in luck because of the development of gesture control. Now, you can use natural body movements to control the characters in the game, since the 3D camera will track all of your movements. If you are wondering whether or not small hand gestures will be noticed, consider the following: the camera places 22 points on each hand and monitors each of them. This way, it will be able to detect even the most subtle motions.

    emerging technologies in gaming

    3. Realistic 3D graphics and Hi-Def Displays

    A discussion about innovative gaming would not be complete without talking about the graphics. The new advancements include fully rendered worlds and ultra-realistic textures. In fact, the game will be so realistic that it will feel as though you are in the game itself.

    While 3D graphics are great and all, you need something to play the game on. This is where you should look for new advancements such as 4K gaming, and even 8K in upcoming PlayStation 5. This new hi-def display will make 1080p look like ancient history. However, to enjoy the 4K display, you will need a TV or computer that supports this technology. While such computers and TVs used to cost thousands of dollars, the prices have steadily declined and are now much more affordable. 

    4. Wearable Gaming

    Consumers love wearable technology such as smartwatches, glasses, and many others because of the portability and freedom that they offer. Now you can enjoy the same level of comfort in gaming as well. You will be able to play your favorite game with wearable technology since they will become extensions of the video game consoles you know and love. 

    5. Cloud Gaming

    One of the biggest obstacles that prevented users from enjoying the latest developments in the gaming industry was the price tag that came with the new technologies. New advancements required powerful hardware, which was not cheap, to say the least. Now, thanks to cloud gaming, computers are not required to be very powerful to run modern realistic games. Thanks to this new technology, games do not take up as much disk space, which allows the server to perform to its best capabilities.

    6. Head Tracking in VR Games

    With this new development, when you put on a headset, it will also track the position of your head in pretty much any position or angle. This involves using advanced technology such as accelerometer and gyroscope. However, we should note that if you would like to enjoy these new features, low levels of latency are required. Otherwise, there will be a slight delay between the motion and the reaction of the character in the game.

    innovative gaming

    Try Out These New Features for Yourself

    The new developments that we mentioned above are what make video games compelling to new generations of users. Nowadays, people are demanding even more control, personalization, and level of detail from their video games and the technology that they use. Such user demand is part of the reason why new advancements pop up all the time and why the gaming industry is so fast-paced. Therefore, be on the lookout for everything we mentioned, and don’t be surprised if you hear about additional cutting-edge developments. Even though this everything that we talked about is great, we have only scratched the surface, and developers, as well as game development companies, are always looking to make a splash with something new.

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