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Groupe Auchan SA, French international retail group and multinational corporation. Known as one of the world’s principal distributors operating as hypermarket/discount store throughout 15 countries.


Wholesale and retail, online sales


Launching rapid development of its online storefront, Auchan aims to stay always up-to-date with the latest trends in online wholesale and retail trade. Among the others, here are the primary goals to be gradually achieved by the company throughout the next few years:

1. Building stronger brand awareness in the realm of Internet sales. Ultimately, to boost company’s net profit & global turnover online.

2. Shifting towards omnichannel business model to stipulate multiple communication channel integration into well-performing single system.

3. Delivering IT innovation to give better balance to the hypermarket’s internal operations, as well as logistics and product distribution effort.



Developing unique mobile application designed to enable user-friendly shopping navigation, interactive communication experience, and winning promotion with bonuses and special price offers available for clients directly within the store, as well as outside the hypermarket facilities.


Following the best practices initially delivered by Walmart, IKEA, Amazon, etc. — we started with creating 25 workshops for a 200-hour in-depth project research. Engaging top specialists to ensure maximum effective implementation, Skywell Software decided to divide the whole task into several stages served by various experts like developers, designers, marketers, project managers.



Among the major functions currently available to Auchan’s online shoppers, there is complex comparative analysis option to compare products by price, provide future credit calculation, show interactive catalog with current promotions. Also, every user is now enabled with handy email filtering option that allows customizing all incoming promo messages by only most relevant topics.


The next stage is implementing a so-called “click & collect function”, which provides handy opportunity to order products online — and simply pick everything up right at the physical store location. Next, the existing website should be transformed into a fully functional online storefront, integrated with top popular social networks and primary systems of logistics.


1. Reinforcing brand awareness online, coupled with improved positioning online. Ultimately, to increase company’s overall commercial potential by attracting more customers and getting them familiar with the new shopping platform.

2. Providing detailed marketing analytics — from the model customer behavior online, to the actual sales deals within the hypermarket facilities.

3. Creating a solid name of a user-friendly company that puts customer needs first and foremost. Reporting user’s product search preferences for the better understanding of general market demands to meet them with best-fitting shopping offers.

4. Delivering well-polished omnichannel business model for maximum effective sales distribution.

5. Elevating global turnover, coupled with reduced personnel workload owing to digital innovation and process automation.


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