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Syngenta is one of the world’s leading agrochemical companies that employs over 27,000 professionals in 90 countries.


Agribusiness, production and supply of agrochemicals.


Syngenta pays great attention to the development and training of farmers. Therefore, it was the company decision to develop a training mobile application for the participants of the annual “Farmer’s Workshop” conference with over 1000 agricultural producers participating in it annually.



The main goal of the project is the creation of an Android-based mobile application, which engages participants of the agrarian conference in interaction, conveys all the advantages of the Syngenta plant protection products and stimulates them for further purchase.


Having analyzed Syngenta business needs, Skywell experts conducted a marketing study of the target audience (agronomists). We found out that agronomists prefer simplicity and structure, when submitting information. In addition, they do not want to understand the design intricacies. Therefore, we developed the most understandable application interface with intuitive navigation through the menu sections.

Conference participants were efficiently involved in collective activities due adding game elements to the application. For this purpose, the behavioral features of its future users were taken into consideration when designing the application architecture.

Since the agronomist’s main task is to ensure the maximum yield of the planted field per square meter, the correct choice of plant protection products is crucial for him/her. It is our application, which allows simulating this situation. The user chooses the most optimal means of plant protection for certain crops in the game format, and can see the resulting profit in material and financial terms. This means that the application is based on the well-thought-out business logic.



SYNGENTA received an innovative solution for conducting training events. With the help of the application, the conference participants were able to simulate the consequences of using certain fertilizers in the game format, as well as estimate the financial benefits obtained at the same time. The developed mobile application contributed to the acquisition of knowledge, skills and expertise of using Syngenta plant protection products, and became an effective tool for increasing company sales by increasing loyalty and awareness about Syngenta products and its specific impact on yields among agricultural producers.

syngenta mobile learning solution

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