Smart Tracking

WEB: Java, Spring, Hibernate, ELK
MOBILE: Android and iOS native


CISCO is an American transnational company that develops and sells network equipment, intended primarily for large organizations and telecommunications enterprises.


Sales of network equipment, telecommunication business.


Development of an innovative integrated IT-solution based on CISCO equipment; creation of an IT product that stimulates sales of CISCO network equipment and services.


In order to solve the customer’s business objectives, we decided to develop Skywell Smart Tracking, a comprehensive solution for interacting with visitors of shopping malls, hypermarkets, stations, airports and other businesses related to the flow of people. The key requirements for the new product included its innovation, i.e. operation based on Cisco Wi-Fi-equipment.


Our work resulted in the creation of a mobile application, interfacing with Cisco Wi-Fi-equipment. In order to develop the most useful application functionality, we held a series of detailed interviews with its potential users.

We also implemented a number of interesting solutions: locating a visitor in real time, interactive navigation using the building map; sending push notifications about current promotions, events; integration with social networks, tools for collecting data on visitor behavior patterns.
Each Skywell Smart Tracking user category has its own benefits.
  • 1
    Full and clear statistics of visits (malls, hypermarkets, airports, etc.).
  • 2
    Analytics about the customer behavior of in the building.
  • 3
    An advertising tool with a more advantageous cost of an advertising contact in comparison with the classic ones.
  • 4
    A tool for defining the trajectory of customers and low traffic areas.
  • 5
    The ability to analyze how advertising tools affect the audience breakdown.
  • 6
    A tool for raising the rent cost for tenants based on information about the visitor flow.
For application users:
  • 1
    Convenient navigation through the shopping center with the ability to navigate the route to a certain point.
  • 2
    Up-to-date information about promotions, discounts and sales, sent as push notifications.
  • 3
    Access to all loyalty programs.
Thus, our IT solution is the strongest analytical tool that influences customer loyalty and their attendance of malls and other businesses related to the flow of people. We are proud that our company with Skywell Smart Tracking became the winner of the prestigious RechargeIT-2016 competition hosted by Cisco with over 500 competing teams.
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