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Groupe Auchan SA, French international retail group and multinational corporation. Known as one the world’s principal distributors operating as hypermarket store throughout 15 countries.


Setting up omnichannel sales ecosystem. Providing users with fully functional online store & mobile shopping application for handy pocket assistant.


Developing unique mobile application designed to enable user-friendly shopping navigation, interactive communication experience, and winning promotion with bonuses and special price offers — to be available for clients directly within the store, as well as outside the hypermarket facilities.


The initial scope of application required a full team of dedicated experts pulling together digital marketers, project managers, and IOS/Android-based developers. Current functional development is ongoing.

auchan mobile application screenshot
auchan mobile application screenshot
auchan mobile application screenshot
auchan mobile application screenshot
auchan mobile application screenshot
auchan mobile application screenshot
auchan mobile application screenshot
auchan mobile application screenshot


1. The application can now display location-tailored price offers and various promo messages, which are broadcasted according to the actual visitor’s position tracked directly within Auchan store.

2. Shoppers can be easily provided with current pricing and other product-related information — right upon scanning the barcode of any given product via smartphone.

3. When scanning products from competing megastores, the smart application will run a quick analysis to offer more reasonable prices for the similar products found on the shelves of Auchan.

4. Clients can now enjoy unique receipts, popping up with the hottest price offers and new deals available in the hypermarket. In addition, the application supports effective in-store map guiding users the most optimal way of making purchases inside the hypermarket, as well as global navigation to help shoppers quickly reach the nearest or any specified Auchan facility.

In order to spot the actual location of the hypermarket visitors with real-time tracking, we used GPS technology, backed with the most advanced technologies based on IoT-devices, and iBeacon in particular.


1. Delivering another supplementary tool to benefit effective advertising and tight user interaction.

2. Providing project owner with detailed market analytics — from the user model behavior during online shopping, to the actual in-store purchase preferences.

3. Encouraging customer loyalty, in line with running active promotion via innovative online services.

4. Elevating the actual count of successful in-store visits committed by shopping clients.

5. Contributing more cost-effective advertising by identifying top performing ways of product promotion at the most reasonable cost.


1. Reinforcing brand awareness online, coupled with improved positioning in e-commerce sector.

2. Creating a solid name of a user-friendly company that puts customer needs first and foremost.

3. Delivering well-polished omnichannel business model for maximum effective sales distribution.

4. Elevating global turnover, coupled with reduced personnel workload owing to digital innovation and process automation.


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