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We were approached by Ecotoki, the company which produces wooden toys for children. Their goal was to make the new product – a wooden alphabet, more immersive, and to bring wow-effect into customers’ interaction with it.

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augmented reality application for ecotoki game
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augmented reality app for ecotoki
ecotoki ar characters


Skywell Software designed the AR mobile application for iOS / Android available in three alphabets: English, Ukrainian, and Russian. Our team also created 42 animated 3D animals models that become active when you interact with the app.

To activate the Augmented Reality app, you have to point a smartphone on the alphabet desk. After that, all letters change color to green and become active buttons on your mobile screen. Clicking on the letter starts the animation of the 3D model with voice acting. You can restart the animation of any letter any time.


ecotoki wooden game for kids
ecotoki ar interactive alphabet for kids
ecotoki augmented reality alphabet
augmented reality characters for ecotoki game


The client received an innovative product that allowed him to enter the foreign market and to increase new products sales.

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