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  • WebGL WebGL
  • AR.js AR.js
  • Gimp Gimp
  • Blender Blender
  • ARtoolkit ARtoolkit


Brown-Forman Corporation is one of the largest American-owned spirits and wine companies and one of the world’s 10 largest alcoholic beverages manufacturers. Brown-Forman was founded in 1870, and currently has a portfolio of over 25 brands and operates worldwide. BF Ukraine is a market leader in Premium whisky segment with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey and in Premium vodka segment with Finlandia vodka.



The Customer has launched a new flavored vodka Finlandia Coconut that has less ordinary flavor than traditional vodka and needs a consumption promotion. Innovations that differ from the standard marketing tools used before fit brand needs and product launch priorities. Since AR/VR technologies are one of the top-tier marketing trends, it has been decided to develop an Augmented Reality product.



– To increase consumer awareness of its new product and consumption way

– To boost the level of consumer involvement

– To introduce innovative technologies in line with recent marketing trends

– To differentiate itself from competitors



The developed solution gives an AR experience that doesn’t require an application download. To interact with the Augmented Reality and to watch a video recipe of a cocktail, the user should launch the camera on his/her smartphone and scan the QR code printed on the bottle neckhanger. Scanning of the tag will launch a video with a bartender showing how to make Finlandia Coconut drink.

After watching the video, the user can choose to replay it or close the application.



This solution has become a simple, attractive, eye-catching, informative, and, above all, innovative way to promote the product and interact with the consumer.

For the very first time in the Ukrainian market, the AR product can be presented to a consumer in such an easy way so that the consumer does not have to download an application, register, etc. Everyone can interact with the product by simply launching the smartphone camera right in the store, at home – anywhere – just in 5 seconds.

Client Feedback

Olena Klymenchuk

Olena Klymenchuk

Senior Brand Manager Brown Forman brands Ukraine

Skywell Software company is our partner, who helped us to launch the AR application for Finlandia Vodka brand, that delivers a video of how to prepare a drink and how to consume the product.

Skywell Software team is a very professional and engaged one. I really appreciate their dedication and drive for the best results. Thank you for our cooperation!

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