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VR Showcase for Ukrainian Fashion Week

Photo Scanning, 3D modeling
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Case for Ukrainian Fashion Week


Customer - Ukrainian Fashion Week, is the main event in the modeling industry of Ukraine. They also actively organize modeling showcases and take part in a number of fashion events worldwide.


Sphere of activity - fashion. Showcasing fashion, working with fashion magazines.


The client needed a way to photo scan models who are dressed in designer clothes and transfer them into virtual reality.

vr fashion experiment


The client wanted to create a holistic visual ideological concept for the presentation of designers’ clothing in New York and Tokyo, as part of the Fashion events. The goal was to bring the project to a new level - so that all the best of the creative industries were united in one place. In that way, fashion would be associated with new technologies, graphic design, VR, video production, etc.


We analyzed the clients’ request and picked up the best visualization concept, which completely corresponded to all criteria and was realized in the shortest possible time frame.

The development consisted of models’ photo scanning - 128 photos of each model were taken simultaneously from all possible angles. Then, these photos were collected into a single object. 3D designers transferred models into a virtual reality room filled with animated details.


Since this experiment interlaced several creative industries, it favorably singled out the Ukrainian Fashion Week out of all the other participants. This helped the client to take their presentation of clothing collections to a new level. The project attracted the attention of sophisticated guests of New York and Tokyo Fashion Weeks and received wide coverage in the top international fashion magazines. This, in turn, increased the authority and investment attractiveness of the designers in the international fashion arena.

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