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AR/VR Animation
for Art Nation

3D Modeling, C#, Unity 3D, Motion Capture suit
3d Goose


Our client, Art Nation, is a group of companies that cover the 360º of content; engage in the creation and production of brands, their licensing, development, and distribution of animated and digital content.


The client needed to “animate” its hero “The Goose”. To transfer him from a static 2D image into an animated 3D state. The animation had to be conducted in real-time with the help of a Motion Capture suit.


Brands production and monetization.


As a result, the client wanted to obtain an animated personality - “The Goose”, who could host events, conduct dialogues, move around the stage and interact with the audience, all in real-time.


As a solution, we combined Motion Capture technology with Unity 3D and realized it in our project in the shortest possible time frame.


The client received a 3D personality, who could come to life in real-time. This was presented at a press conference, where The Goose has engaged the participants in a dialogue. This helped the client to assess all possible work with the 3D personality in the future i.e it could become a full-fledged MC or event participant.


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